Over the years we have become accustomed to getting early information on the newest "Call of Duty" game as the launch of the title gets closer, but this year, Sledgehammer Games have combated this problem with something that people who were lucky enough (or rich enough) to obtain an early copy of "Call of Duty: WWII" were not expecting.

Day 1 patch

According to some of the few lucky people that got their hands on an early copy, the game is not accessible at the moment. Campaign, multiplayer, zombies, and even local play are all locked behind this brick wall Sledgehammer Games have implemented and put in place.

This is leaving players unable to gain any further access past the in-game menu screen until Sledgehammer Games provides the download for the playlist update.

With this being the first instance of this issue in "Call of Duty" history, some players are left frustrated at the fact that the price of an early copy is not cheap, and yet, they can't gain access to the game like they were able to in previous years.

The reason for this patch

It is already known that Sledgehammer Games is not a big fan of any of their content being leaked to the public before release. After the PC beta leak less than a month ago, the boss of Sledgehammer Games, Michael Condry, released a statement on players trying to data-mine the PC files.

In his statement, Condry went on to mention that "Call of Duty: WWII" has been in development for nearly three years. He noticed the risk that with betas, it is very easy for someone to "spoil that experience for others." Understandably, no developer likes to see leaks from their game that could potentially spoil it for other loyal fans of the franchise by accidentally seeing something on social media.

Although, with fans getting early copies, we have some concrete evidence of the official gun list for "Call of Duty: WWII." This information was found in the Collectors Edition Strategy Guide earlier this week, and the game will have 30 unlockable guns on launch.

However, the patch is expected to become available for download somewhere between 24-48 hours before the official release if we are going by previous years, to stress-test the servers and to make sure everything is running smoothly for launch. For anyone who has a great interest in the campaign or zombie game modes, it is highly recommended to stay clear of any potential spoilers as we draw closer to the launch.