esports are getting more attention these days, and the latest news will make gaming even more exciting. It now includes new eSports events and some big additions, FIFA and EA.

According to TechCrunch, EA and FIFA have teamed up for another big gaming event. The pair have introduced to the gaming world the industry’s first ever EA Sports FIFA Global Series and FIFA eWorld Cup 2018, which aims to bring eSports to millions of competitors and spectators across the world. The unified gaming ecosystem between the gaming giant EA and FIFA is expected to bring gaming to new heights.

More importantly, it will give eSports another big boost.

About the newly announced FIFA eWorld Cup

As mentioned earlier by TechCrunch, the newly announced FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 will be a year-long qualifying match, which will feature a series of more intense gaming competitions where players compete for their spot in the hotly contested football tournament, the FIFA eWorld Cup 18 Grand Final. In the game, players will qualify based on their performance in the FIFA Ultimate Team Champions Weekend League.

Additionally, EA and FIFA will be adding official league-qualifying competitions for existing teams. Then, there’s also a licensed qualifying competition for some organizations passionate about EA FIFA sports.

In the licensed tournaments, organizations will be given a chance to open on-site qualifying matches anywhere in the world.

According to the FIFA’s official website, the eSports will start on November 3, 2017, and run through July 2018. After the qualifying seasons, EA and FIFA will identify the top-ranked 128 FIFA players to advance to the next big match, the EA Sports FIFA 18 Global Series Playoff.

The top-ranked 128 players will be divided into two groups, 64 players for the PS4, and the other half for the Xbox One platform. The winners of the FIFA 18 Global Series Playoff will get a chance to play in the prestigious FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final 18, where one player will be declared the sole champion.

Other EA-related stories

In other EA-related stories, the studio made a huge headline recently, when it revealed to the gaming world its plans to shut down Visceral Games. Fortunately, a new report emerged recently that shed some light on the closure stories.

According to US Gamers, EA was working on a top-secret "Plant vs Zombie" game at the EA facility in Vancouver, Canada, and the secret project reportedly has something to do with the closure of Visceral Games. Not much information is known about this secret "Plants vs. Zombies" game. The rumored game is likely to remain mysterious as EA declined to comment on the story.

As for Visceral Games, the Vancouver-based EA team have managed to take over the remnants of Visceral Games and develop a new, open, multiplayer EA "Star Wars" game. Stay tuned for more gaming updates.