The most recent data mining activity in “Pokemon Go” confirms the arrival of the Gen 3 pocket monsters in the game. Interestingly, the highly anticipated third generation of monsters will be introduced during the Halloween event. For several weeks, the community has been talking about these creatures since a data mining activity has uncovered more than 135 pocket monsters. The speculations further intensified when Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke recently revealed in an interview that he is hoping to see the third generation of monsters added to the popular augmented reality title soon.

Latest data mine

Recently, several data miners digging through the APK of “Pokemon Go” have discovered a very significant set of information. This includes an image from the game’s code apparently confirming that the heavily speculated third generation of pocket monsters will be added to the game this Halloween.

New discoveries

On October 15, Niantic Labs announced that a new update containing minor bug fixes will be rolled out to the popular augmented reality title. However, the data mine discovered a new loading screen that apparently spoils the developer’s upcoming plans for the game this coming Halloween. The loading screen reveals some of the Gen3 creatures and Dark-type monsters standing on top of a hill.

Pokemon like Gen 3 creatures like Murkrow and Gengar and Dark-type monsters Banette, Dusclops, and Sableye are shown in the image. These creatures are currently not in the game.

Niantic Labs has not made any announcement or confirmation about the heavily-speculated Halloween event. However, it is just interesting to note that there are a plethora of Dark-type and Ghost-type creatures that belong to the third generation of pocket monsters.

Audio files

In addition to the image of the loading screen, data miners also discovered audio files or all the Gen 3 species in the game’s APK. The audio files take up an additional 20MB of space. The latest files discovered include new Night music.

Other details

Recently, Niantic Labs has pulled out the PokeStops in the popular augmented reality game to fix a major bug. Interestingly, the data miners speculate that aside from fixing, the developers removed it from the game to prepare the PokeStops for the upcoming Halloween event. It appears that aside from the third generation pocket monsters, the developers will also introduce a new soundtrack to the popular augmented reality title.

So far, these details are found through data mining activity. Niantic Labs has not yet released any statement regarding this latest information. The Halloween is fast approaching and it is only a matter of time that players will get to see the much-awaited Gen 3 creatures in “Pokemon Go.”