Sledgehammer Games have figured out exactly what needs to be modified in its upcoming 'Call of Duty: WWII' game after the betas of the title finally ended. These Beta events are held by studios and developers so that they can determine which portions of the game need more polish or which aspects need to be changed in order to give players the best experience from the video games. So, here are a few things that Sledgehammer says that it will change in the final version of the game.

Score limit for Team Deathmatch reduced

After the second week of the betas, Sledgehammer increased the Team Deathmatch score limit from 75 to 100.

However, it seems that 100 was too difficult for some players to reach, which is likely why the developers said that they would reduce it back to its original value. Many players reported that even with full teams at completion of the match, they were often unable to reach the 100 score.

Aachen map modification

Developers also faced some criticism regarding the Aachen map that they introduced. Players said that the map was designed in such a way that it offered little or no opportunity of engaging in ranged combat. This is due to the closed off nature and the medium sightlines that are offered by this particular map. While some gamers may be fine with the close-range combat necessary in this map, Sledgehammer will most likely introduce some changes.

Sprint out times changes

One more major concern for almost all beta players of 'Call of Duty: Wwii' is the slow sprint out ADS times. This means that players who wanted to run quickly to a spot in the map were unable to do so as they were not allowed to run in the game for a prolonged period. Most multiplayer matches in 'Call of Duty' usually involves players running around cover to cover in a particular map.

Limiting the sprint with the latest rendition was met with backlash, as it severely restricted the movement ability of players. So, for the final game, Sledgehammer will likely change the sprint out ADS.

What Sledgehammer says about the feedback

The developers revealed that the M1928 was one of the most loved guns in the entire beta event, as many fans had reportedly loved using the weapon, a standard issue in World War 2.

The studio also revealed that fans have been praised the main menu music that played in the game. It also thanked fans for noticing all the hard work that went into the creation of the title. Finally, an update was also introduced into the game which would potentially change the sound of firing some weapons.