If you are an avid PC gamer, then you’ll know all about Steam. Steam is one of the biggest gaming programs out there in the market, with Origin coming in second. It is Fall now so the Summer Sale has been long over, but the Fall Sale will be here before you know it – We hope.

This year’s Fall Sale's unofficial date is set for October 30th. With any Steam Sale, you have access to thousands and thousands of video games for dirt cheap. Let’s just face it, everyone wants well-known games for $2.99. If you want to avoid Black Friday, then buy your favorite PC gamer their favorite PC game.

Success of the Summer Sale and the business strategy behind it

The Summer Sale was, as usual, a success. It brought in over $237,000,000 this year according to SteamSpy, even more successful than last year’s sale with an increase of $4,000,000.The biggest players in the game this year were the ever-popular " Counter-Strike: Global Offensive."

As you can see, Steam Sales generate a lot more revenue than day-to-day sales and that is their marketing strategy. You can sell a few expensive games here and there or you can lower the prices and sell over a million games with a discounted price. See the strategy in that? This is important due to the fact that PlayStation 4 has dominated the gaming market, outselling Xbox One two-fold.

Is Steam’s competition increasing or decreasing sales?

Steam might compete though with the recently confirmed reports of the PS5 in the making. Seeing as people have long anticipated a release of a new console from PlayStation, as PlayStation 4 was released November 15, 2013. This could pose trouble for Steam’s revenue because there are many gamers on Steam that play across different platforms.

With PlayStation Vue drawing more attention to the PlayStation 4 community, it is surprising to know that Steam Sales have actually increased rather than decreased. This could be a good sign that maybe the other platforms about to upgrade won’t pose as much a threat as we brace ourselves for the new releases set for 2018 and 2019.

The Winter Sale is being predicted to be even better than the Summer Sale, so let’s hope that for Steam’s sake they increase sales at the Fall Sale too.

Some good news for PC gamers that use Steam

Some Good News for gamers that use the Steam platform is that NVIDIA Volta is set to be released in early 2018 so you should probably start stocking up on games if you plan on buying the next big thing in computer graphics. With all the technology products out there on the market this year and that are set to be next year, it will be prime time for gamers all over the world.