There hasn't been much positive coverage of President Trump's stint in the White House. According to USA Today's Gary Varvel, over 90 percent of coverage of Trump's presidency has been negative coverage from news outlets like CNN and MSNBC. To be fair, the president has thrown the "Fake News" phrase around quite a bit and overstepped his bounds more than a few times on Twitter, lots of people have dismissed the accomplishments that he's had while in office.

Recently, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, among six others, have recently nominated President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize.

If you will remember, Obama received the prize while he was in office as well. The true story behind Donald Trump is that he has made waves while he has been in office.

President Trump has improved relations with other countries

He has improved relations with other countries including North Korea, China, and Israel and has been an advocate for world peace.

He persuaded North Korea to move towards reconciliation between North and South Korea, although this didn't have a happy ending as North Korea pulled out of the deal due to the 'Max Thunder' drills between the United States Air-force and South Korea.

He has remained as diplomatic as possible with Russia, and tried to improve standings with China and Japan.

Employment is up, according to statistics reported by USA Today.

The economy has grown three percent since he has been in office. There have been tax cuts and many of Obama's shortcomings have been handled by President Trump and his White House officials.

Yes, there have been some sticky situations that the President has been in, such as the Stormy Daniels case and sexual harassment allegations against him.

These aren't to be overlooked, but there are two sides to every story.

A different side of President Trump

He gets himself in trouble, at times, for his Twitter posts as they can be somewhat unprofessional, but he has always been passionate about the things he cares about most. He recently was seen mourning his mother on Mother's Day, showing a softer side. He has also donated millions of dollars, according to his tax records and other reports, to multiple causes. Records show over $102 million dollars in the recent past, according to the Washington Post who cited that Trump's donation list numbered 93 pages.

President Trump is a caring father, who has supported his children's dreams. He has made sure that his children were taken care of, especially his youngest son Barron who has been reported to have a learning disability.

It is sad that we, as Americans, focus so much on the negative sides of people we dislike rather than uniting as a nation and giving praise where it's due. The President may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there is no doubt that he has a softer side.