Almost every gamer out there anticipates for the seasonal sale - Big gaming hub Steam rolls out, true enough the Steam Summer Sale 2017 is just lurking around the corner. Although Valve never announces the schedule, Steam sales return every year in a relatively stable frequency. And if predictions are correct, it will probably hit at exactly this week. So grab a hold of your wallets because we are giving you the latest and greatest on this upcoming sale.

When is the next sale?

The Steam Summer Sale is usually the biggest and most awaited sale event from Valve.

In 2016, it happened last June 23 until July 4. According to screenshots from Steamworks users, we may see the sale running from June 22 to July 5. This may be likely as all rumors surrounding this event point towards this week. But just like any rumors and information leaks, we will still have to wait for Valve’s confirmation about this year’s Steam Summer Sale.

What are the Best Deals to watch out for?

There came a time when daily deals and flash sales ruled the seasonal sale. As much as 80%-90% were slashed off from titles that were placed on the said sale. The summer sale will be very different from the fall/winter sale. Games will be at their lowest prices ever.

In terms of specific deals, Steam keeps silent on all bargains but rest assured pretty much everything in the catalog will have their prices slashed.

But of course, everyone is closely looking at all the recent titles joining the sale. Are we going to see a discount on the recently released Tekken 7? Will we get a slashed price for Resident Evil 7? Or are we going to buy a stockpile of games again without even playing them? We will see when the time comes.

Tips and a little recommendation

To be able to help you watch out for your favorite games make sure to fill up your Wishlist as it is a great feature from Steam that notifies you if your specific game is on sale. If you don’t want to be bothered by e-mails coming from Steam, you can always use the Steam mobile app for Android and iOS to keep track of all the deals from your Smartphone.

If you miss your favorite game as a highlighted deal, don’t panic, you can still purchase it anyway. Remember, there are neither flash sales nor daily deals.

Also, to help you with your shopping, it wouldn’t hurt to browse on reviews, comments, issues, and the likes in buying a game. You’ll know you’re screwed if you can’t even make it out in the introduction. Lastly, set a budget for yourself. It is for your own good.