Leaks say Nintendo Switch's rumored Pokemon game, which is set in Kanto, may be coming to the popular console sooner than we expected. It is set to be announced sometime this month whether rumors of the new game are supposedly true. We aren't talking about another "Pokken Tournament," we are talking about the real deal Pokemon RPG that has been one of the most popular RPG games since it hit the Gameboy in 1996. Wildly successful, the franchise developed itself into a multi-billion dollar industry, producing trading cards, more Video Games, and a hit anime show for fans.

People went crazy for Pokemon, with over three hundred million games sold since inception, making it the third most popular game in the world.

Nintendo Switch rumors

Nintendo Switch players are currently on the edge of their seats after hearing rumors whispered that there would be a new Pokemon game released for the console -- which is ground-breaking considering that it previously was only available for the Gameboy, 3DS, DS, DSi, and other hand-held Nintendo products. "Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon" were released last year on Nintendo's popular hand-held devices, the Nintendo DS hand-helds, and the successful mobile game app "Pokemon GO" has been popular since its release in July of 2016. Since 1996, Pokemon games have done exceptionally well on the market, and, according to fans, it is one of the most beloved video games of all-time.

A post on 4chan sparked excitement for the Pokemon community after releasing a logo for "Pokemon Let's Go!" which is rumored to be the "Pokemon Yellow" remake for the Nintendo Switch. According to Polygon, the rumor is that the game will have "Pokemon GO" integration and will use some of the features such as the capturing feature in its upcoming video game.

Is a new Pokemon game coming to the Switch?

It is said that Nintendo will make an announcement regarding whether or not a game will be coming to the Switch by the end of the month. With so much success when it comes to hand-held Pokemon games, a Pokemon RPG for a console may be an exceptionally phenomenal move to make for Nintendo that could cement the Switch as one of the best gaming consoles on the market and boost Switch sales exponentially.

Hopefully Nintendo will choose to move forward with this, and hopefully the rumors turn out to be true. No matter what move Nintendo chooses to make, fans everywhere are ready for a Pokemon game on console.