Blizzard continues to update “Overwatch” with brand new content, events, and balance changes. Just recently, they have launched a new update that adjusts two characters in the game. Following the recent Mercy rework, the developers had to adjust her play style to balance her skills. That said, they’ve also compensated her nerf with more mobility to continue making her more flexible.

New patch

Blizzard has just dropped the official patch notes for “Overwatch,” starting with the general updates. Fans can now finally set their status as “offline” if they want to play privately.

You can find the option under the social menu, but your friends can still see you if you get placed in the same match. However, the chances of that are unlikely, making the highly-requested offline mode one of the main highlights in this patch.

Moving on, Blizzard has also patched in Lucio’s wall ride speed boost. Previously, there was a bug preventing the hero from picking up speed after successfully using his passive ability. Blizzard managed to clear up the issue, letting Lucio players enjoy their 65 percent speed burst. Mercy, on the other hand, has gotten some major changes. Firstly, her Resurrect no longer resets when using Valkyrie, nor does it have a reduced cooldown. The skill is locked at 30 seconds, even when using her ultimate ability.

However, using Valkyrie allows Mercy to stack two Resurrects if she hasn’t used the skill beforehand. This allows Mercy players to seamlessly revive two fallen allies instead of having to use the skill, activate Valkyrie, and use Resurrect again.

Mercy’s Guardian Angel also has a slight buff as she can now glide past a targetted ally by pressing jump.

Overall, these new changes should reduce the number of Resurrects in a match, but still make Mercy a flexible character.

New milestone

In other news, “Overwatch” has just reached another milestone. Blizzard has announced that there are over 35 million fans playing the game. They recently made a similar announcement three months ago, meaning the fanbase grew by five million over the course of a short period.

That said, some of these accounts are part unused and are part of the free weekends Blizzard usually holds. Moreover, many players like to buy second accounts for “smurfing” or playing with their lower ranked friends. Unfortunately, Blizzard didn’t break down the numbers by consoles, but there’s a good chance most of these players play on the PC. Those who want to play “Overwatch” can get a copy for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.