PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” has set another groundbreaking record on Steam. Currently, the popular battle royale title has more than 1.8 million concurrent players. The game has recently surpassed “DOTA 2” on Steam when it made 1.5 million concurrent players. While this shows that the title from BlueHole is widely received in the gaming community, this poses another problem. The 1.8 million mark also means an additional stress to the servers of the title, which is currently on its Early Access.

Latest issues

A few days ago, “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” received a barrage of complaints from disappointed players.

There were players complaining about being randomly dropped with others instead of their teammates. Most of the complaints reported that players were unable to connect to the game’s servers. If players got past the log in issue, they got disconnected in the middle of the play and received an error message. After that, they would no longer be able to log back in.

What the developer has to say

Since the game was released in March 2017, BlueHole has released a number of patches to fix several issues with the game. However, it appears that the latest issues raised by players are connected to the servers of the game. According to BlueHole, they had anticipated 1 million concurrent users at the start of the Early Access period.

In other words, that is the ideal number of users that the game was intended to accommodate.

In June, there was a quick rise in the number of concurrent users and the developer decided to design new server architecture. It turns out that the rate of the increase in the number of concurrent players is faster than the development speed.

This resulted in more issues with connection and the server.

The game developer adds that during peak times, it has become difficult for them to manage the servers. BlueHole assures the player base that the team will make their servers more advanced so that they can handle a bigger number of concurrent users.

It appears that the game developer has not anticipated this kind of reception from the gaming community.

The battle royale title from BlueHole has set impressive records since its Early Access launch on Steam. It has sold 13 million copies in just a matter of six months.

With more than 1.8 million concurrent users, “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” becomes the biggest title to ever release on Steam. This means that it has built a massive player base that is not easy to maintain for a small developer.