Cable television provides viewers hundreds of channels of non-stop entertainment. Basic television, on the other hand, has a limited number of channels that consists mainly of boring news and rerun programs. You really can't expect much from something when it's free. The problem is not with cable in general, it is with the companies that are providing it. The cost of cable with companies such as Comcast Xfinity have made it difficult for buyers to enjoy the many luxuries it has to offer. However, Sony Playstation Vue has provided a new affordable way to watch live television for many viewers around the world.

PlayStation Vue

A few years ago, below the radar, Sony released their live television streaming service PlayStation Vue. They started with a standard plan of about $40 for monthly service. All you have to have as a customer is your own internet service and a compatible device. Besides the actual PlayStation console itself, you can use devices like Google Chromecast, Roku stick, or laptops and PCs. Also, it provides over 100 channels from the best stations, and you'll find that the channels are usually the same ones you pay for with regular cable. This is actually not a bad deal when you consider the typical prices consumers usually pay monthly for cable service.

Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity is arguably the best cable and internet provider, with the track record to prove it.

Unlike Direct TV and Dish, Comcast maintains consistent quality cable no matter what the circumstances or weather may be. The biggest weapon Comcast has is its high-speed internet performance. When they say high-speed, they mean it. You won't experience slow data speeds like other internet providers eventually run into toward the end of the month.

However, where they lack efficiency is with their high-priced monthly cable bill. At times it seems like statements always have some type of extra charges that you were unaware of on the last one. Consumers should be shown more appreciation with a set rate for their live entertainment, but instead, Comcast continues to disappoint with their fluctuating tendencies.

Now, they are facing their biggest competition to date.

Mobile internet and no contract

For years consumers have been getting fooled by hidden fees from companies they sign contracts with. Many companies are getting smarter and providing no contract deals that pretty much have the same incentives. Cell phone providers like Sprint and T-Mobile are now providing unlimited internet data speeds as well and it's minimizing the need for cable providers that ruled the market in the past. Paying for a live streaming TV service like PlayStation Vue saves a lot of money. If you pay the standard $39.99 for the service and your cell phone bill is $100 a month with unlimited internet, you're paying a total of $139.99 a month for both.

For Comcast Xfinity, the average customer pays about $140 to enjoy its many features.

The solution

In the end, somewhere in a competitive industry, common ground has to be found in situations like these. So here's the verdict. Comcast provides an affordable cost for just internet service starting at about $30 a month. Combining the high-speed internet of Comcast Xfinity and the more affordable live TV service of PlayStation Vue will give consumers the best chance at providing their households with consistent and cost-effective entertainment.