Pokemon GO” is known for its exciting in-game events where some of it is related to real-life occasions. It is not a surprise that “Pokemon GO” will have its Halloween event in the next few days. According to a report from Polygon, the Pokémon Company officially confirmed that the Halloween event will arrive in mid-October. It will bring new in-game rewards and bonuses. The spawn rate for selected creatures might also increase.

Increased spawn rate

Last year’s “Pokemon GO” Halloween event increased the spawn rate of Dark or Ghost-type creatures such as Ghastly, Haunter, Zombat, and Gengar.

Bonus candies were also given every time a player catches a Pokemon and travels with their Pokemon buddy. Niantic is expected to do the same thing this year but with the second-generation creatures. The well-known Dark type creatures of the second-generation are Houndour, Houndoom, Sneasel, and Murkrow.

Niantic previously promised to add three major updates to “Pokemon GO” this year. The first major update is the addition of second-generation creatures. Assuming that the second major update is the Legendary monsters, there is a huge possibility that the third update will be the most anticipated generation-three Pokemon.

Generation 3 Pokemon

Way back in August 2017, some SilphRoad data miners found codes on the “Pokemon GO” version 0.71.0 APK that contains names of the Generation 3 creatures from the Pokemon Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby metadata.

Until now Niantic remains silent regarding the developments of the third batch Pokemon. According to a report from BGR, the second-generation creatures were released eight months ago, which happens to be seven months after “Pokemon GO” was officially launched. In other words, it is already time for Niantic to release another batch of Pokemon to the game.

Features that should be added soon

“Pokemon GO” has a lot of things to improve. Niantic also needs to add more features to make the game easier. A player named Dinsara92 posted his suggestions to PokemonGOhub, which could help improve the game. His first suggestion is a Lucky Egg for Stardust or any item that can double the amount of stardust earned by capturing Pokemon, hatching eggs, and defending PokeGyms.

Dinsara92’s second suggestion is a consumable bike or any item which will allow players to travel faster. The item could increase the speed limit of the game up to 30km/h. With this feature, players can earn candies for their buddy Pokemon even while riding a bike or driving a car at a higher speed than walking. But this feature should have an on and off option. Dinsara92’s suggestions seem reasonable, and he is hoping that his ideas might reach Niantic someday.