The “Pokemon GO” Equinox event is about to end, but players do not need to worry because another in-game event is coming this month. According to the Pokemon Company’s official blog post, the annual Halloween event has just been confirmed. The Pokemon Company assures fans that the upcoming event will bring more exciting features to the game. The developer might also add extra rewards to raid battles.

Previous Halloween event

Niantic increased the spawns of scary creatures like Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar during the previous “Pokemon GO” Halloween event.

The developer also added bonus candies for about a week. Players are hoping for a similar event this year, but this time with the second generation Pokemon. The upcoming event could also increase the spawns of Dark-type creatures such as Houndour, Houndoom, Sneasel, and Murkrow.

What should players expect?

The “Pokemon GO” developer previously promised to release three major updates for this year. Assuming that the Legendary Raids and Exclusive Raid Battles were the second major update, there is a huge possibility that the third generation Pokemon might be the third major update. It is also worth noting that some data miners previously uncovered traces of codes related to third generation Pokemon, which makes the rumor highly possible.

According to a report from PokemonGoHub, if Niantic releases the third batch of Pokemon within this month, some of its Ghost-type creatures such as Shuppet, Banette, Mega Banette, Duskull, and Dusclops might be included in the upcoming “Pokemon GO” Halloween event.

‘Pokemon GO’ features that could improve the game

In other “Pokemon GO” news, a player named Dinsara92 submitted his suggestions to Pokemon GO Hub that could help make the augmented reality game much better.

His first suggestion is Lucky Eggs for Stardust. This feature can double the amount of Stardust acquired from hatching eggs, capturing creatures, and feeding a defending Pokemon.

Consumable bike to travel faster

Dinsara92’s second suggestion is a consumable bike that will allow the players to increase the speed limit in the game so that players can go a little faster, perhaps even faster than 30km/h.

Even if the player travels faster, they can still hatch eggs and acquire candies for their buddy Pokemon. But this feature should have an “on and off” option so that players can choose whether to walk or to bike when playing “Pokemon GO.” Dinsara92 is hoping that his ideas could reach Niantic someday and that Niantic might actually consider adding these features soon.