The “Pokemon GO” Halloween event is now confirmed. While players are pretty excited about the upcoming event, they are more than curious to know what the words “new Pokemon” mean in a blog post from The Pokemon Company. It can most definitely mean catching those Pokemon that are new to a player’s collection.

It is time to welcome Gen 3

However, there is a thin possibility that Niantic may introduce the next wave of Pokemon during the Halloween event. There is no official confirmation on behalf of Niantic as to when the new critters are arriving at the game.

The Gen 2 update was released about eight months back. They were released seven months after the game launched in 2016.

Hence, it is time that Niantic releases the new Pokemon. In August, dataminers dug into the 0.71.0 update for the game. They discovered 135 Gen 3 Pokemon from “Ruby,” “Sapphire” and “Emerald” in the metadata. Niantic is yet to make announcements regarding the upcoming event on the “Pokemon GO” website.

Niantic needs to up the ante

Niantic hardly misses any of the major holidays in a year; there will be bonuses and surprises. As the game is fast losing its player base, Halloween could be the event to bring back lost players. The past few months have seen players engage themselves in Legendary Pokemon and Raid Battles.

Now that the year is fast coming to a close, they are expecting one big surprise from Niantic, writes BGR. It is time that big changes are made to the gameplay. Players are losing interest in simply catching critters in the wild. While spooky Ghost-type Pokemon seems interesting, releasing the Gen 3 could be the icing on the cake, feel many.

However, even Gen 3 release may not be enough, if thinking long term. What will players do with the new Pokemon? What’s next? It may be too early for Niantic to press the panic button, as a pretty large number of people are still playing the game. But the company needs to bring in a lot of other features to fuel player interest and keep the game going.

'Sun and Moon' players waiting for Marshadow

Meanwhile, the Mythical Pokemon Marshadow is coming on Oct. 09 to “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” The critter has the Marshadium Z Crystal. Its Spectral Thief attack not only damages opponents, but it can also steal another Pokemon’s stat boost. Marshadow, which is the only Fighting and Ghost-type Pokemon, can be availed from select US GameStop stores from Oct. 09-23. Players can secure the code from the stores.