Blizzard Entertainment officially announced the upcoming “OverwatchHalloween Terror event. According to a report from GameSpot, the event will start on October 10 and will end on November 2. Many fans are excited for the event because the developer will surely add new in-game features, rewards, and bonuses. Blizzard Entertainment also showed off a short teaser video which features the new Halloween-themed skins for hero McCree and Reaper.

Halloween-themed skins

Last year’s “Overwatch” Halloween Terror event was a huge success. It brought new in-game Loot Boxes that looked like shining jack-o-lanterns, and more than 100 hero skins.

There were only four legendary skins last year and eight epic skins. Blizzard Entertainment is expected to do a similar approach this year, but with more legendary and epic skins.

New map for PvE mode

Last year, the developer introduced the first ever “Overwatch” PvE (Player Versus Environment/Monster) brawl mode called “Junkenstein's Revenge.” In Junkenstein's Revenge, three players will form a team and battle Junkenstein's monsters, the scary witch, the Reaper, and Dr. Junkenstein itself. Blizzard Entertainment is expected to do the same this year, but with an additional exclusive map.

Death threats to ‘Overwatch’ Dev team

In other “Overwatch” news, the game director, Jeff Kaplan, recently posted on “Overwatch” official forums about how mean and scary are some players.

Jeff Kaplan claims that some players are dissatisfied and do not really appreciate Blizzard’s efforts on improving the game. According to a report form HeroesNeverDie, some of the “Overwatch” development team members are even receiving death threats from players.

Jeff Kaplan claims that it is not their job to interact and communicate with players.

But the staff is doing it to show their love for “Overwatch.” Communicating with anonymous players is also scary and intimidating. Kaplan said that players are taking advantage of their anonymity in order to bash or threaten game staffs.

Players should be patient

Jeff Kaplan also stated that players should not get frustrated because the “Overwatch” development team is doing their best to improve the game and to add the players’ requested or suggested features immediately.

Adding new heroes, game modes, and maps take ample time because every time a new feature comes up, the developer will still have to test it on the “Overwatch” Public Test Realm for several weeks in order to make sure that the feature will not bring imbalance to the game.

The “Overwatch” development team only has over 100 developers. According to Jeff Kaplan, the number of developers are not small, but it is also not large enough to complete their tasks on time.