The popular augmented reality game “Pokemon GO” is currently having an Equinox Event, which gives players the chance to purchase special boxes from the in-game shop. According to a report from Pokemon GO Hub, the Equinox Event Box comes in three options, namely the Special, Great, and Ultra Box. Each box contains items like Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, and the new Super Incubators. Players can use Super Incubators three times, and it can hatch eggs 1.5 times quicker than normal Incubators.

Equinox Box price and contents

The Equinox Special Box costs 480 Pokecoins, and it includes three Super Incubators and five Lure Modules.

The Special Box normally costs 500 Pokecoins without its four percent discount. The Equinox Great Box costs 980 Pokecoins, and it includes five Super Incubators, ten Lure Modules, and four Lucky Eggs. The Great Box normally costs 1320 Pokecoins without its 26 percent discount. The most expensive option is the Equinox Ultra Box, which costs 1480 Pokecoins, and it includes eight Super Incubators, 15 Lure Modules, and eight Lucky Eggs. The Ultra Box normally costs 2140 Pokecoins without its 30.8 percent discount.

Super Incubator's capability

Unlike normal Incubators, the Super Incubators cannot be bought individually, which makes Niantic’s new offers more reasonable. Using the Super Incubators, 2-Kilometer eggs will hatch in just 1.33 kilometers, 5-Kilometer eggs hatch in 3.33 kilometers, and 10-Kilometer eggs will hatch in just 6.67 kilometers.

Equinox Event Bonuses

In addition, “Pokemon GO” players will be able to collect special 2-Kilometer eggs at PokeStops and PokeGyms which will eventually hatch into an ultra-rare Pokemon such as Mareep, Chansey, Larvitar, and more. Players can also get a triple experience bonus after catching a brand new Pokemon for the first time.

Bonus Stardust is also given to players for catching Pokemon, hatching eggs, and feeding Pokemon in PokeGyms. Niantic’s Equinox Event will last until October 2.

Exclusive Raid Battles

Earlier this week, Niantic released a whole new batch of Mewtwo Exclusive Raids around the world, with a primary focus on Europe and Asia. According to a report from GameRant, the “Pokemon GO” Exclusive Raid Battle system is currently under testing.

As for now, Mewtwo Exclusive Raids are only available at Starbucks-sponsored locations. However, for Japan, there is a bit of difficulty testing the EX Raid feature. Some players claim that Exclusive Raids are being canceled at certain PokeGyms around the country.