What is the best way to celebrate Halloween? To play Trick or Treat while searching for a new set of Generation 3 Pokemon in “Pokemon Go” with a memorable music theme from the old games.

New event this Halloween

There will be a new event in “Pokemon Go,” but this time, there will be new sets of Pocket Monsters involved. Trainers can also catch a Mewtwo. The game’s developer, Niantic, has been teasing players with the prospect of releasing Generation 3 monsters all month long. The website of The Pokemon Company suggested that the Halloween 2017 event will include a new set of Pokemon to catch.

Finally, an official Tweet from the “Pokemon Go” account suggested that they already implemented bug fixes for the 0.79.2 version of Android and 1.49.2 for Apple users. Although it was not directly revealed by the game developers, the sound files for the new APK v.0.79.2 features the cries of the pocket monsters from Generation 3.

If you cannot recognize this cries, there is another clue: A new badge is also in the code, alongside Kanto and Johto badges. This badge is named as ADGE_POKEDEX_ENTRIES_GEN3.

A Mewtwo during the event?

It is still not clear whether or not Mewtwo will be included in the Halloween event. However, the Equinox event featured Mewtwo raids where players can get the powerful Pokemon, so it is possible that it will appear again.

Afterall, the game is also notorious for releasing rare versions every time there is an event.

A glimpse of the past

Other than the details about Generation 3 monsters and the Halloween event, there will be a spooky new theme song for the game! This new music is based on the classic “Lavender Town” theme which was featured in the original game versions.

A lot of players of the old Pokemon games will remember this song as the theme of Lavender Town, the place where you can catch Ghost-Type Pokemon. It is the small town in Red and Blue versions with a large tower and graveyard. According to Comicbook, this music will only play at night to give a more spooky ambiance when playing the game.

However, it is still uncertain whether this theme will be permanent or if it will be available for the duration of the event.

When will the new event take place?

Pokemon Go” is yet to announce the exact release date for the Halloween event. However, since the other important details of the event were leaked already, the exact date might be released sooner than expected.