New exciting features continue to appear in the "Pokémon Go" app. A few moments ago, Reddit users reported the discovery of a new and helpful feature when using the curveball throws in the game. It is the “Double Bounce Catch,” the newest way of throwing Poké Balls in the reality augmented game. The newly discovered graphical curveball throw feature shows a throw hitting the target then bounce away and lands back to the Pokémon, allowing "Pokémon GO'' players and trainers a successful double bounce throw. According to other reports, some players managed to perform the trick concerning the new feature of throwing and also managed to record a video as evidence.

The “Double Bounce Catch,” also works as a tricky type of throw technique has ''Pokémon Go'' players and trainers worldwide amazed. It is not sure yet, but players expect that this new feature makes catching a Pokémon any easier.

Here is everything we know right now concerning the new feature coming to the “Pokémon GO” app.

New exciting features coming to the app

New revelations continue to emerge on social media about new exciting updates coming to the app. While it is true that Niantic continues to introduce new EX Raids in specific areas and that a new event is taking place, new secret features continue to appear. The “Double Bounce Catch,” is a type of technique that “Pokémon Go” players and trainers worldwide were waiting for weeks.

It is worth mentioning that it also works as a trick throw that causes that your Pokéball bounces off a Pokémon twice before catching it.

How to get a Double Bounce?

The ''Double Bounce'' technique is complicated, as it requires an accurate right amount of curve and angle to keep the ball close to you. If you're one of those players looking for a new challenge in the reality augmented game, give the double bounce challenge a shot.

Pulling off this trick shot consistent will give you good experience that could be very helpful. The ''Equinox Event'' could be perfect to use the new feature and get your best throws and catch the best Pokémon in the game.

Additional information:

Besides, a ''Pokemon Go'' player recently reported that he got a double bounce on a Raikou a couple of days ago.

''It was my first and only and luckily, it was enough to catch the Pokemon, '' said the user.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

Watch the video below for more information: