Niantic continues to amaze the "Pokemon Go" fans worldwide with the arriving of the new creatures corresponding to the third generation of the franchise. While it is true that in recent hours it was leaked new information about the discovery of new creatures of the third-generation, new details come out about the Release Date of these high-valued creatures. According to new information revealed, Niantic is organizing two new events for the coming weeks, in which the company will release the long-waited Gen 3 creatures to the reality augmented game.

So far, it is not confirmed yet the order in which these creatures will be released; however, it is very likely that they begin to appear randomly. Niantic developers have announced that the company has decided to stop two major updates, due to new bugs present in the app.

As reported by Niantic's developers, the Gen 3 creatures would be arriving at “Pokemon Go” in the third week of October. Next, we will share with you all new details revealed about the arriving of the Gen 3 Pokemon to the app.

A new theory reveals the arrival date of the third generation creatures to the app

The announcement of a line of Pokemon teddies could be the key to knowing the time when the third generation will start to appear in “Pokemon Go.” Despite the lack of official information on the part of Niantic, users have gone to work to discover new clues about the arrival of new Gen 3 Pokemon, which may already have revealed new details, but in a surprising way.

According to the new theory, it would be through a line of teddies the way in which users would have already given the approximate date for the arriving of these creatures to the app.

Additional information:

At the moment, the company has not given details about the official release day of the Gen 3 Pokemon. However, as reported by Niantic’s developers, the new Gen 3 creatures should arrive on October 27, 2017.

It is worth mentioning that the arrival of the new Gen 3 Pokemon would be one of the most significant updates in the reality augmented game.

It is not official yet, but rumors are running wild about the release of two new "Pokemon Go" events happening in the coming days. These new events would come with new exciting items to prevent bugs.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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