Warner Bros. announced 4 upcoming DLCs for “Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.” All of the DLCs will feature a lot of new content that will keep players busy, such as new campaigns and tribes. The DLCs are titled Slaughter Tribe, Outlaw Tribe, Blade of Galadriel, and Desolation of Mordor. Players will able to obtain all of the DLCs through the $40 season pass. Players that own the Gold Edition of the game will also acquire all of the game's DLCs and future updates for free. Each DLCs can also be purchased separately. The Slaughter Tribe, Outlaw Tribe, and Blade of Galadriel cost $15 each, while the Desolation of Mordor cost $20.

Slaughter Tribe and Outlaw Tribe

The Slaughter Tribe DLC features a gruesome tribe, which can ambush players at any point of time. Due to this, players can expect that the Slaughter Tribe DLC will be very challenging. It will also feature new missions and fortresses with an Overlord room. There are also new monuments and outposts in the DLC. Players will also have the opportunity to capture Epic and Legendary types of Orcs in the Slaughter Tribe DLC. Players can buy the Slaughter Tribe DLC in November 2017. The second DLC is the Outlaw Tribe. It also features new missions and fortresses, as well as monuments and outposts. The Outlaw Tribe is described as rebellious orc warriors. Due to this, players should prepare themselves when trying to enter their fortress.

The Outlaw Tribe will be released in December 2017.

Blade of Galadriel and Desolation of Mordor

The Blade of Galadriel will bring a new campaign, which will give players a new character named Eltarie. She is a described as an elite assassin that wields dual blades. The Blade of Galadriel will also feature new Nemesis characters, such as Flint and Tinder and Slayer of the Dead.

The Blade of Galadriel will be released in February 2018. The last DLC is the Desolation of Mordor. It is believed that the Desolation of Mordor will be one of the biggest DLC in the game. The Desolation of Mordor is also expected to bring a new campaign where Baranor will lead the army of man to fight orcs in the east. The Desolation of Mordor will also allow players to create new items, which may offer several end-game gears for the characters.

The DLC will also bring a new region called Desert of Lithlad. Players that already finished the campaign mode of the game should definitely consider buying the said DLCs as will feature tons of new activities.