It has been more than a year since Blizzard Entertainment's team-based shooter launched for all major platforms. The game itself has reached milestones of its own with the number of registered players recently reaching 30 million. Meanwhile, a player has reportedly become the first one to reach level 4,000 in “Overwatch." His achievement means that he ranked up his account to level 100 around 40 times. The developer has not yet confirmed the authenticity of the user’s claim but it’s only a matter of time before they make it official.

Reaching level 4000 and more

The report was apparently taken from an “Overwatch” sub-Reddit, where the player known as Treeboydave starred in a new thread. The user apparently showed proof in the form of a Twitch account, his tracker profile for the FPS, and a screenshot of the level 4,000 portrait border. Based on the available data, it appears that the player dedicated an estimated 3,500 hours, which is roughly 146 days of 24-hour gaming.

Despite his lofty achievement, Treeboydave claims that his milestone was not intentional. He pointed out that his actual plan is to eventually register a playtime of around 150 hours for each of the available heroes in “Overwatch." Furthermore, the player pointed out that the ongoing mission is most likely just a month away.

Level cap undefined

Fans of the hero-based shooter have wondered about the highest level players can reach. It was reported that a user reached level 1,000 within the first year of its release. Just a few months after, another gamer surpassed level 1,800, and, given the latest numbers, it seems that the developer has opted not to set a limit for the game.

Gamers hope that the studio confirms those numbers and officially recognizes Treeboydave for his dedication.

More to expect from the developer

Currently, “Overwatch” is hosting the Halloween Terror 2017 event, which brings back all of last year’s legendary skins at a reduced price, along with some new ones for a few other heroes.

Other than the seasonal celebration, Blizzard Entertainment is expected to have something more in store for Blizzcon 2017 this November. Jeff Kaplan noted that the next hero was already in a playable state, which left fans to speculate that the new character might be revealed during the show. Tickets are unfortunately sold out, but gamers can expect that a livestream will be available for those that can’t attend the event in person.