The popularity of “Overwatch” does not seem to show any signs of being affected by the surge of battle royale games like “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” and “Fortnite”. Blizzard Entertainment’s attention to detail and game balance are apparently appreciated by fans that continue to support the team-based shooter. New cosmetic content and seasonal events keep it fresh and encourage players to sink hours into the title’s various game modes to earn loot boxes. Meanwhile, a recent job posting by the developer has attracted the interest of fans. They suspect that the company’s new project might be related to the hero-based FPS.

Job opening for a game related to ‘Overwatch’

Blizzard Entertainment has posted an opening for a Generalist Artist Intern. What’s interesting with their ad is the fact that it mentions “knowledge and understanding of the ‘Overwatch’ universe” as one of the requirements. Candidates are supposedly going to work on “an unannounced project”. If you piece the two together, it obviously suggests that the new title will in some way be related to the team-based FPS.

The gig is going to be a full-time internship that begins in May 2018 and runs until August the same year. Given the ongoing support and popularity of the hero-based shooter, it’s not likely that the new project will be officially announced anytime soon.

More details regarding the position indicate that the work includes the development of game assets taken from concept art and paint-overs. The developers have most likely started work on the new title and will integrate the successful applicants next year.

Not likely a sequel

Although it might seem like the studio has plans for a sequel, the current title’s regular updates and hints of future content say otherwise.

Fans prefer to think that it will be a spin-off installment based on the world of “Overwatch” instead. Others suggest that the project could be a mobile game, which is commonly done by developers to cash in on the lucrative mobile-gaming market. Another speculation notes that the new game might be a card game.

The excitement continues

The “Overwatch” community is surely excited to hear any updates related to the team-based shooter. However, details are not yet official and an announcement regarding the new title will most likely take a while. Nevertheless, Blizzard Entertainment has officially launched the Halloween Terror event, which also added new legendary skins for Symmetra, Torbjörn, Zenyatta, Mei, McCree, Reaper, Ana, and Zarya. Likewise, the PVE game mode Junkentstein’s Revenge makes its return as well.