The latest updates for "Overwatch" will feature new gameplay changes for Mercy and Genji for the game's Public Test Realm in the PC version. Blizzard Entertainment officially announced the return of "Halloween Terror" event next week and it will feature new loots, character skins, voices and more.

The game publisher will be conducting a series of gameplay tests on Genji and Mercy as video game fans complained about the Genji's Ultimate being too overpowered and Mercy's "Valkyrie" having a slow cooldown effect.

New PTR changes

Blizzard will once again tweak Mercy's abilities in the game as her "Valkyrie" ultimate skill will no longer affect the healer's "Resurrection." Instead, it doubles her range to revive fallen allies from a distance.

Fans have complained about the latter's slow cooldown after using her ultimate attack, but the developers are making sure it will not happen again after the PTR upgrades.

As for Genji, principal designer Geoff Goodman announced in the "Overwatch" forum website that the cyborg ninja will have his "Dragon Blade" ultimate attack tweaked. However, the developers accidentally put a bug that allows him to swing his sword before or while drawing his blade, causing damage to a melee radius.

Stun attacks will no longer cancel Genj's ultimate, although they can still affect him and prevent the latter from using it for the duration of the stun effect. Goodman explained to the fans why they need such as a change for Genji in the game.

"We did a consistency pass on a number of ults and in some cases changed some outliers so they work like other similar ults," Goodman said.

'Halloween Terror' returns

Blizzard officially announced the return of "Halloween Terror" in "Overwatch" on Oct.

10 and the event will feature new characters skins for McCree and Reaper in the game.

Reaper's new skin will have the appearance of a vampire complete with a high-collared black and red jacket, and his signature mask will now have fangs. McCree's skin will be based on the vampire hunter, Van Helsing with a glowing cybernetic arm.

While it is unknown if the publisher will bring back the "Dr. Junkenstien's Revenge" game mode, there is a chance that the developers will introduce a new game mode that will feature players going up against hordes vampires led by the vampire Reaper.

For now, the game publisher is currently busy on the PTR and a new patch update that fixes a bug on the game's new ban system.