The latest updates for "Overwatch" will have demotion changes in "Competitive Mode" Season 6 and Blizzard Entertainment is planning something for Mercy in the game.

Mercy's new Ultimate move

Game director Jeff Kaplan announced new changes for the healer and support character, Mercy in "Overwatch" as he stated that the latter's ultimate move, "Resurrect" will now be a regular ability and can only target one dead teammate at a time. Kaplan revealed that Mercy's new ultimate will be called "Valkyrie, " and the move will increase her "Guardian Angel" ability, healing, and damage beams.

Valkyrie also allows Mercy to chain her beams to multiple characters and increase the speed and attack damage of her gun. Several gamers have mixed reactions regarding the revamped Mercy, but Kaplan guaranteed that these changes will give them a new perspective on how they use the character in the game.

The game director and his team hope that Mercy mains will heal their teammates at all times, not go into hiding whenever the team is being decimated during a match. Blizzard Entertainment will test Mercy's new ultimate in the game's upcoming PTR along with D.Va who also happens to have a new ability as well. Gamers are also looking forward to the new Junkertown map and Deathmatch mode in the game soon.

New demotion system for Season 6

Blizzard announced that Gold and Silver ranked players can have severe demotion status in the upcoming "Competitive Play" Season 6.

According to a post from the "Overwatch" forum, the competitive points earned at the end of a season can be taken from the player's highest rank, no matter what score they end up with in the match.

The game developers will introduce a new system to ensure the player's rank is as accurate as possible, checking their performance in each match against a minimum of their current tier. If the player does not perform well after five consecutive matches, they will receive a demotion.

There is also changes for the Skill Rating system in season 6 as the developers address the anomalies of each hero with lower win-rates.

These changes are made to ensure that all players can choose every character freely, encouraging them to pick the hero they are comfortable with and can win matches.

Blizzard will launch the sixth season of "Competitive Play" on Aug, 31 at 5 PM as "Overwatch" players will see if the changes are worth the wait when they play the game on the consoles and PC platform.