The latest updates for "Overwatch" will feature leaked details for the next "Halloween Terror" event and it will launch next week. Blizzard Entertainment will prioritize a huge in-game bug affecting the game's new ban system for "Competitive Play."

'Halloween Terror' 2017 release date leaked?

It seems that Blizzard Entertainment will launch this year's "Halloween Terror" next week as someone from Reddit posted the possible release date of the event on Oct. 10. While the game publisher has not yet made any comments regarding the launch date, it seems that they are working on new angles to promote the "Halloween" themed event for gaming fans.

This means more skins, loot, and animation clips for their favorite characters.

Some members of the "Overwatch" community think that using old character skins to promote the upcoming event is their way of surprising fans as they know that someone will leak the promo material online before its official announcement.

The first "Halloween" Terror" event featured a storyline between Dr. Junkenstein and his horde of monsters terrorizing the whole world. He is accompanied by monster versions of Roadhog, Reaper, Mercy, and Symmetra as the player will assume the roles of Soldier: 76, Ana, McCree, Hanzo to stop them.

Permanent ban bug fix

Game director Jeff Kaplan announced in the "Overwatch" forums that they working on a new patch update to fix a huge bug on the game's new ban system.

Gamers have been complaining about receiving permanent ban updates in the game's "Competitive Play" without violating any rules.

Players explain that after restarting the game in order to end the cycle, they will be hit with a massive SR drop and find themselves being banned from the whole season. Kaplan promised fans that he and his team are working hard to fix the bug to prevent further unnecessary player bans in the game.

"This bug is a high priority for our team, and we're working on a fix to prevent further instances of it occurring as we speak, " Kaplan said.

Blizzard launched the new ban system in "Overwatch" to prevent unwanted players from ruining a gameplay match during Competitive Play. The game publisher will be more aggressive towards players who throw away matches and use dirty tactics to win matches. There are also changes in the character's Skill Ratings as they will address anomalies for each hero with lower win-rates for better usage.