On October 16, “Overwatch” thanked its more than 35 million heroes playing the game across all platforms over the world. The popular first-person shooter has gone a long way since its launch last year. So far it has introduced 26 heroes in the game including the latest addition—Doomfist. Currently, players are enjoying the Halloween Terror event, which brings back the player-versus-environment mode, Junkenstein’s Revenge. The event also introduced new skins for its heroes that are terrifyingly awesome for the event.

New players count

On its official Twitter account, “Overwatch” has more than 35 million bunch of misfits and freaks players.

Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter title thanked it players calling them heroes. A couple of weeks after its official launch, the game has reached more than ten million players. It entered the 25-million mark in January. In about four months the figure almost doubled and reached 30 million.

In June, the game had reportedly been abandoned by several players because of the rampant toxicity within the community. The game developer acted fast and rolled out measures to address the issue. Aside from the regular updates, events, and activities, the popular first-person shooter title also has its in-game lore, comics, and animated shorts that captivate its players. Blizzard regularly releases these kinds of materials to the community.

The game also has a bunch of proactive developers who spend a lot of their time interacting with the massive user base. Game director Jeff Kaplan is very active on the game’s official forum and has always been helpful to players. Aside from being open to suggestions, the developers also share their sentiment in the forum so players could understand where they are coming from.

Most of the time, it is the open communication and healthy interaction between the players and the developers that shape the game.

Heroes of Warfare

In other news, Blizzard and its Chinese publisher NetEase recently filed a lawsuit against 4399 EN GAME. The game developer and publisher sued the developer of the mobile gameHeroes of Warfare” for obvious copyright infringement of the popular first-person shooter title.

In addition to seeking damages, Blizzard is also asking the developer of the Chinese clone to ask for an apology.

Furthermore, the developer already asked Apple and Android to take down the mobile title in their respective app stores. “Heroes of Warfare” is surprisingly a decent rip-off of the popular first-person shooter game with characters, weapons, and maps sporting strong resemblances. The Chinese clone even has maps similar to those of “Overwatch.”