The next update announced by Niantic Labs for “Pokemon Go” contains a new Blacklist tool that will crack down GPS SPoofing apps. On October 14, the game developer of the popular augmented reality title announced that Update 0.79.2 for Android and 1.49.2 for iOS will soon be released in the game. The upcoming update will reportedly contain a variety of bug fixes and performance updates. While it appears to be a simple content, APK miners uncovered interesting details about it.

Anti-Cheat measures

Like other titles in the gaming world today, “Pokemon Go” has to deal with cheaters.

Since it was launched, several players have discovered many ways to cheat with the game. One popular method is called GPS Spoofing. This process enables players to trick the game into thinking that they are in a different location. Because of this, players using this method can gain access to the world full of pocket monsters without even getting out of their houses. When this cheat is paired with bot programs that have the ability to automate actions, players using this method can dominate the Gyms and destroy the competitive play.

On the SubReddit, The Silph Road, the team tears down Update v0.79.2 through APK mining. One of the significant finds in the latest update is the inclusion of an application that appears to be a blacklist tool.

According to the team, this newly discovered tool will potentially affect GPS spoofing in the game. However, it is not yet clear on how this tool will eliminate the practice of GPS Spoofing. Others believe that Niantic Labs would simply flag accounts instead of restricting them to play the game, and then roll out soon a massive ban wave.

There are others claiming that this app will detect players using GPS Spoofing apps or other apps that are not authorized when playing the game.

Halloween event and Gen 3

Aside from the new blacklist tool, data miners also found a loading screen image that appears to confirm the much-awaited Halloween event. The image shows several Gen 3 monsters as well as Dark-type creatures standing on top of the hill.

In the bottom part of the image is a trainer, which appears to be engrossed in his mobile phone and ignoring the creatures in the background.

The image triggered speculations in the community that Niantic Labs will introduce the Gen 3 pocket monsters during the Halloween event. This also seems to coincide with the recent statement from Niantic Labs’ CEO John Hanke in his latest interview with Business Weekly. The CEO said that one of the secret weapons of “Pokemon Go” is the released of the new species of pocket monsters that will soon be released in the game.