Overwatch” developer and its Chinese distributor NetEase filed a lawsuit against 4399 EN GAME. The said developer is responsible for the mobile game “Heroes of Warfare.” The suit claims that the game is an obvious copyright infringement of Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter title. In the past, several other titles have been accused of copying Blizzard’s popular game. One of those titles includes the game “Paladins: Heroes of the Realm.” While Paladins appears to be an entirely different game, the Chinese mobile title shares a lot of similarities to Blizzard’s game.

Lawsuit filed

Recently, a report from PC Watch, translated by Kotaku, shared that “Overwatch” developer and NetEase filed a lawsuit against the game developer of “Heroes of Warfare.” Blizzard is also seeking damages from game developer 4399 EN GAME as well as an apology. Apart from this, both NetEase and Blizzard want the mobile game scrapped from the iOS and Android App stores.


Heroes of Warfare” is a total rip-off from Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter title. Compared to the previous mobile title that was also a China clone, this one is not laggy and the similarities are stunningly strong. This one also is a pretty decent version of the game, copying almost everything including characters, abilities, and weapons.

In fact, there are several characters that really look like Genji but there is a female version of the hero. The maps in the Chinese title are also similar to that of Blizzard’s FPS title.

In July, another game from China dubbed as “Hero Mission” was also spotted. This one was made the center of mockery in the community. There are several characters in the game that were tweaked but still obviously showing strong resemblances to Blizzard’s game.

One of these characters includes McCree, who was transformed into a female character and given the name Soldier 9572. Another character looks a lot like Mercy, but the character has an assault weapon and forgot to wear her pants.

Other details

Meanwhile, Blizzard recently rolled out a much-needed tweak for Lucio. After Patch 1.16 went live last October 10, the developer released a couple more tweaks to the Brazilian hero.

On the game’s official forum, a user named Dixx reported that the heroes jump appears to have been capped by two jumps. The wall-jumping character also felt heavy and need to do several jumps and get close to the wall to do his Wallride. The player also noticed that after doing his Wallride, Lucio drops like a log.

Geoff Goodman, the project designer of the popular first-person shooter, noted that they have already made additional tweaks to the Brazilian hero. He said that so far, they have received positive feedback about Lucio from the “Overwatch” community.