The concerns with Lucio in “Overwatch” linger, but fortunately, it appears that Blizzard has finally found a solution to the character’s recent issues. Several days ago, players complained that they have noticed changes in the wall-riding character. However, game director Jeff Kaplan pacified the players and told them that the changes they have observed are caused by a bug on the Public Test Realm. When the patch went live a couple of days ago, the developer included a fix for the bug that affects the hero when jumping off a wall. Mercy received additional tweaks too.

However, there seems to be another problem with the Brazilian hero.

New issue

On the “Overwatch” official forum, a player named Dixx shared his latest observation with Lucio after the patch and an additional fix was rolled out. According to him, the hero’s Wallride is still nerfed. He also revealed that gaining altitude for the Brazilian hero is a serious problem. The hero appears to be heavy and needs more jumps and must be close to the walls when jumping. The player also observed that after launching a Wallride, Lucio drops like a log. Dixx added that his Wallride is now capped to a couple of jumps.

Blizzard’s response

Principal Designer Geoff Goodman, in response to the player’s complaint, explained that Blizard has increased the boost Lucio gets off walls.

He added that there was an extra vertical component that was not proportionally increased making him feel heavy. The principal designer goes on to say that they have made some tweaks to the Brazilian hero to compensate for the bug fix that was released with the patch. Goodman added that so far, the community has given positive feedback about the hero and the team is hoping that it will finally solve the issue.

Mercy changes

Aside from Lucio, Mercy has also received a tuning in the game's Public Test Realm. Goodman revealed that the winged hero can now unlock from a target and use them like a slingshot when she’s tracking with Guardian Angel for a speed boost. In addition, her new Ultimate, dubbed as Valkyrie no longer buffs the range of her Resurrect.

It does, however, give players one free charge, automatically removed when not used as the Valkyrie expires.

This allows players to burst res when Mercy’s Ultimate is activated. This can be done while the player is still nerfing the total number of rezzes that one can pull off. Goodman added another tweak to the hero in “Overwatch” PTR. Mercy’s Resurrect no longer resets the cooldown of Guardian Angel. Because of this, Mercy is a little more vulnerable if she opts to res a player in a bad position.