Niantic recently updated “Pokemon GO” to prepare for the upcoming annual Halloween event this year. But it seems like the Halloween event is not the only thing that players will experience in the next few days. According to a report by PokemonGoHub, a new datamine from the 0.79.2 update reveals that the third-generation Pokemon audio clips have been officially added to the game’s APK file.

Gen-3 audio codes and loading screen

Data miners found the names of Gen-3 creatures in the previous 0.77.1 APK update. The addition of the sound files means that Niantic will launch the Gen-3 creatures very soon.

The audio clips also came along with third generation Pokedex badge entries. Data miners from Reddit’s “The Silph Road” also discovered a loading screen image presumably for the upcoming Halloween event. The loading screen features Ghost or Dark-type creatures that includes Gengar and five Gen-3 Pokemon. The five Gen-3 Pokemon are Sableye, Banette, Shuppet, Dusclops, and Duskull.

Halloween event bonuses

The 2016 “Pokemon GO” Halloween event increased the spawns of Ghost or Dark-type Pokemon such as Zubat, Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar. Niantic is expected to do the same this year, but this time with the Gen-2 and Gen-3 Pokemon. The developer is also expected to increase the Candies acquired from any activities such as walking a buddy Pokemon or transferring a Pokemon.

Creepy Lavender Town music

A new Halloween night theme music loop was also found on the “Pokemon GO” 0.79.2 APK file. According to a report by Comic Book, the creepy music was based on the classic "Lavender Town" theme song that was first heard on the original Pokemon games. The track is around 1:10 minutes long, and it is expected to play during the night cycle.

Creepy music causes suicide

Players should be aware that the original Lavender Town music had some creepy side effects to some “Pokémon Red” and “Pokémon Green” players in Japan way back in 1996. Some rumors claim that there is a condition called “Lavender Town Syndrome” that causes young players between the ages of 7-12 to commit suicide after hearing the music again and again.

New Battle Mode

In other “Pokemon GO” news, Niantic’s CEO recently announced that there will be a new “Battle Mode” that might be launched next year. The said Battle Mode might be the most anticipated PvP mode that has been rumored since last year. John Hanke also stated that the “Pokemon GO” development team is currently creating a new communication feature that will improve players’ coordination especially for those who are located in rural areas.