A new set of interesting details on the upcoming Single Player Mode of “Friday the 13th: The Game” has been recently revealed. The mode is one of the most requested additions to the popular asymmetrical horror title. Recently, fans were elated when Gun Media and Illfonic released a to of free content. This included the new iteration of Jason Vorhees dubbed as the Part IV Jason. A new map called Jarvis House is also available now in the game. On top of that, Mitch Floyd is also added to the roster of Counselors that Jason will delightfully kill.

Latest reveal

On October 13, Illfonic’s Casey Holtz revealed juicy details about the Single Player Mode of “Friday The 13th: The Game.” While it was previously announced that the mode will be divided into three components, the new details are far more interesting. On Reddit, Holtz shares the details that fans have long been waiting to hear.

Single Player mode

According to Holtz, the upcoming Single Player mode will have a new challenge specific VO for every Counselor. Jason will also have new kills and Counselors with new behavior animations. Aside from those, it is also revealed that the main character, Jason Vorhees, will play like he does in the Multiplayer. This includes keeping his abilities and kills among other things.

In addition, Jason Vorhees is playable on any Challenge. However, a goal for one Challenge might include doing something for a specific iteration of Jason. Interestingly, the developer also reveals that the Challenges in the upcoming Single Player mode will have tributes to the movies. Players in this mode can now relive their favorite scenes in the movies by playing the role of Jason and hunt down Counselors, then quickly realize that they are also being hunted.

Release date and other details

Apart from the challenges, there are several components that fans should look forward to. This includes the Virtual Cabin 2.0 and the offline bots. So far, the release window for the much-awaited mode is not yet provided. But if we based it on the DLC roadmap, it would be available soon. Meanwhile, the free content that was recently released also introduced the Weather System in the popular asymmetrical horror title.

Players will now notice different weather elements when playing. This includes the presence of rain that can be experienced whenever it is applicable in a particular scenario.

The Part IV Jason that was recently released in “Friday The 13th: The Game” also comes with a new weapon, dubbed as the Pig Splitter. It also has its own chase audio perfect when Jason is running after the Counselors.