Avid fans of Street Fighter V is already certain about the announcement of Zeku as the final DLC character for Season 2. Capcom confirmed that the next fighter joining the roster of the popular fighting video game will be announced at a major event this weekend.

The game’s Season 2 will end in a couple of months and Season 3 will kick off before the end of the year. However, before “Street Fighter V” introduces players to an all-new season, the final fighter in the current season is set to arrive shortly.

Official character reveal set

In a recent post on its official Twitter account, game developer Capcom announced that the last character to the Season 2 roster will debut during the South East Major Top 8 event.

The studio also enclosed a teaser image along with this exciting news. which is shown in the tweet below.

Check out the photo as shown in the tweet below.

Based on the teaser photo from Capcom, a lot of fans and game pundits are even more convinced that it is highly likely that the next DLC character is a ninja. Shoryuken suggested that it is Zeku, sensei and ninja grandmaster of Guy.

Fans excited for Zeku

The inclusion of Zeku in the official roster of Season 2 first emerged online when a game enthusiast data mined some information from the game’s files.

The leak also suggested some cool costumes and a new stage will be part of the upcoming DLC.

While it’s no longer disputable that it is indeed Zeku, fighting fans have yet to see how he will play and what he’s got as a fighter. Gamers will finally get to lay their eyes on his combat style and abilities this weekend.

Arcade Edition update

In more news, Capcom also announced the latest update on the confirmed Arcade Edition via the company’s Japanese website. This edition will contain all the playable characters from the two seasons of the game’s DLC.

What’s more exciting is that the Arcade Edition will feature six arcade modes coming from various games in the franchise.

The following games listed below will each have an arcade mode:

  • Street Fighter (SF)
  • SF II
  • SF Zero
  • SF III: New Generation
  • SF IV
  • SF V

Moreover, the official page also revealed that players who play through the Arcade Modes will get their chance to unlock more than 200 gallery illustrations. Also, the Arcade Mode has more than 100 endings to achieve and there will also be a bonus stage, which features breaking barrels.

“Street Fighter 5” is currently available on PS4 and Windows PC platforms.