The “OverwatchHalloween terror event is now live. Players can now start collecting all of the new skins and take part in the event. Several characters have gotten some awesome new cosmetics, while players can take part in the Junkenstein’s Revenge seasonal brawl. Blizzard just dropped a new trailer featuring all of the new content you can enjoy.

Halloween is here

The developers have just released a new clip showing off most of the content from last year. While new fans might be in for a surprise, returning players should feel right at home. Luckily, several characters have gotten some cool-looking skins.

Ana has just gotten her first legendary skin where she dresses up as a pirate. Meanwhile, the Symmetra dragon skin and Mei Jiang Shi skin are some of the best cosmetics the game has by far. Aside from skins, there are also new things like victory poses and voice lines, so that’s also something to look forward to. You can unlock these cosmetics via loot boxes; you can buy them if you have enough in-game credits.

The trailer also shows off the new “Overwatch” Junkenstein’s Revenge brawl. Last year, a group of four players consisting of Soldier: 76, Ana, McCree, and Hanzo had to defend Eichenwalde Castle from invading zombie omnics. This year, the mechanics are basically the same, except you’ll be playing as a group of four other characters: Genji, Windowmaker, Zenyatta, and Torbjorn.

There’s also a brand new horde mode which will spawn infinite omnics which will continuously invade the tower.

Check out the new trailer below to watch more:

New project?

In other news, it seems like Blizzard is hiring for a completely new “Overwatch” project. According to Engadget, Blizzard has listed a new job posting looking for a generalist artist intern.

Applicants will be working with several teams to create environments possibly even new characters that mimic Blizzard’s art style. That said, applicants must be knowledgeable about the “Overwatch” lore.

Strangely enough, Blizzard hasn’t announced any spin-offs games for the team shooter. While isn’t a direct confirmation about a possible new project, Blizzard had already brought up the idea of bringing “Overwatch” to other platforms.

That said, this could be some kind of mobile spin-off title. Fans will just have to wait for further news for now. Those who want to play the game can get a copy for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can also download the Halloween Terror patch now.