The “OverwatchHalloween Terror event is now live, giving players the chance to experience all of the new content. As with every new event, the game has gotten a set of new skins for players to unlock. Certain characters like Mei and Symmetra have gotten some legendary skins this year. There’s a lot to collect this year, especially if this is your first “Overwatch” Halloween event. That said, here are the top three best Halloween skins.


Symmetra’s one of the characters who hasn’t been getting many skins recently, so it’s good to see that Blizzard’s giving her some importance this Halloween event.

While her Anniversary skin looks good, her new Dragon skin is absolutely amazing. Symmetra is suited up in scales with a horn, showing off more of her evil side.

Fittingly enough, she’s also one of the new villains you have to fight in Junkenstein’s Revenge. You can’t go wrong by unlocking Symmetra’s skin before the event ends, and it’s almost worth buying loot boxes for if you don’t have enough credits to buy it. While Witch Mercy stole the show last Halloween, Symmetra seems to be the new queen now.


Unlike the other heroes, there’s a lot of creative freedom when creating new skins for Zenyatta since he’s just an omnic.

This year, they gave him a new Cultist skin with matching tentacles that look very similar to the Cthulu. His feet have also been changed into tentacles, matching the strange monster theme.While his weapons aren’t anything special, the Cultist skin is also one of the best skins Halloween Terror 2017 has. It’s creepy enough for the holidays and even gives Zenyatta some new voice lines.

The cultist skin is now part of his growing wardrobe of strange costumes like Nutcracker and Sanzang. Make sure you pick up Zenyatta’s new skin before the event ends!


Zarya’s another character who hasn’t been getting much love.

Most of her skins look pretty cheap and don’t seem to have much effort put into making them. Her new skin, titled Totally 80’s Zarya, is a complete meme of an 80’s dance instructor. The Russian soldier has a full head of hair while she’s dressed up in a pink and purple outfit. The words “Let’s get physical” are engraved on her shirt as a direct homage to the titular exercise song. While it isn’t anything groundbreaking, Zarya’s new skin is a pretty cheesy costume that still counts as a Halloween skin. While we’d like to see more serious skins in the future, Totally 80’s Zarya will have to do for now.