A recently discovered Easter egg in “Destiny 2” will surely excite “Overwatch” players. It was previously revealed that Bungie’s Second game installment is coming to PC and will be exclusively available on Blizzard’s Battle.net, many speculations surfaced. Some fans are toying with the possibility of crossovers between Bungie’s shared multi-shooter title and other franchises from Blizzard. While there has been no report of seeing weapons from ”World of Warcraft” to Bungie’s multi-shooter an interesting Easter egg is discovered recently in the game.

Easter egg

On Reddit, a user named crissyronaldo92 shared a video of a “Destiny 2” game that will thrill “Overwatch” players. On the video, at about the 15-second mark, a familiar voice from Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter game can be heard saying Die, Die, Die. This is an awesome concealed detail that most players will definitely not notice. While some players are happy to hear Reaper’s voice, some downplay the excitement since Keith Fergusson is the voice actor for both Reaper and Lord Saladin. So, it is possible that what the players are hearing is Reaper in Lord Saladin’s clothing.

Iron Banner

On October 10, Bungie debuts the return of the Player-versus-Player event Iron Banner in their second game installment.

The event was originally introduced in the first game installment. In its return, the event now offers exclusive armors and weapons for players who will participate. There are also several changes that the developer made from its original release. This includes disabling the level advantages across all the Crucible modes. This is very important as it allows players to have an equal footing with their opponents.

This way, the players’ fate will basically depend on their skills and not on their levels. This is implemented to modes namely Trials of the Nine and Iron Banner among others.

In terms of rewards, Bungie also simplified the system. Every time the player completes an Iron banner match, he earns Iron Banner Tokens. The player gets more IB Tokens when a match is won.

These IB Tokens can be turned in to Lord Saladin, the overseer of the event. If the player has enough number of IB Tokens, Lord Saladin will give him the corresponding Iron Banner Engram. This engram can have IB-themed armors and weapons.

The Iron Banner event will run seven days after its kick-off. Players will have until October 17 to enjoy the Player-versus-Player event. “Destiny 2” is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will be released on PC on October 24. Meanwhile, “Overwatch” players are now enjoying the Halloween terror event, which starts on October 10.