Poor “Overwatch” hero Mercy can’t seem to catch a break. After many players begged blizzard to nerf Mercy’s Resurrect ultimate ability, the developers ultimately decided to give her a rework. She’s currently the most picked Support hero and is dominating the meta with her single revives. That said, Blizzard has already noticed this and has dramatically nerfed her in the Public Test Realm.

Dramatic changes

According to Gamespot, Mercy’s Resurrect skill no longer resets when she uses Valkyrie. Moreover, the cooldown has been locked at 30 seconds instead of the original 10.

These nerfs will dramatically reduce her overall resurrections in matches, ultimately weakening the hero. Many fans are in an outrage, especially Mercy mains who have already adjusted to the changes. That said, it seems like Blizzard has their hands full with what they should do to the Support hero.

Many players are getting fed up with all these changes, and Heroes Never Die reports a player who complained on the official forums. “The balancing team needs replacement imho. This is outrageous,” the netizen wrote. Unfortunately for him, game director Jeff Kaplan clapped back and banned the player for 30 days.

Balancing pro and casual players

While “Overwatch” is trying to make a name for itself in the eSports scene, Blizzard is still having trouble finding that perfect Balance between casual and pro players.

Many casual players believed that the old Mercy was fine and even fun to play as. However, competitive gamers want more aggressive changes, hence the new Valkyrie Mercy. Now, Blizzard has to make more changes because they went a little too overboard with her rework.

That goes to say that these small changes will ultimately have a big impact on the game in the long run.

Pro player EeveeA has already stated that he will leave the game if these new Mercy nerfs hit the live servers. While it’s understandable that Blizzard can’t please all of their fans, these changes seem to be a bit too drastic.

That said, the game is also in dire need of more Support heroes. There are only four healers in the game, with two of them being “primary” healers.

Ana has been one of the least-picked heroes and it seems like Mercy might be joining her soon. Without a proper Support character, there’s no telling what kind of “Overwatch” meta is next. It’s still unsure what Blizzard has planned for Mercy, or if they'll release another Support hero soon. Those who want to play ‘Overwatch’ can get a copy for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.