Blizzard released the Junkertown map a few weeks ago and a lot of players have had trouble coordinating their attacks on said map. Considering that the map hasn't been out for long, this is definitely not surprising as it will take more time for players to get used to it. This "Overwatch" map puts defenders at a slight disadvantage, so it's important for attackers to be patient and play smart.

Junkertown is an escort map which means that both teams have to stay close to the payload. The map has three stages and it is crucial for attacking team to get to the High Ground in order to succeed.

This guide will help you become a better attacker on this "Overwatch" map, so make sure you remember the tips and use them in your next game.

Starting area

Attacking team should focus on eliminating defensive team heroes early in the game. While sticking to the payload is an objective, at this phase of the game, attackers should be focused on some quick eliminations as they will force the defending team to respawn or retreat. This will allow attacking team to push the payload and reach the first checkpoint.

It doesn't matter which exit attackers use, as long as everyone gets out through the same one. Immediately after exiting, players should take the high ground and eliminate ground-level targets.

First checkpoint

After eliminating defenders, proceed to move the payload and you will quickly reach an open area with the first checkpoint. Once again, take the high ground and eliminate defenders, preferably with Soldier:76, McCree and Junkrat.

Make sure that you have at least three players on the payload as it will move quicker and allow those players to heal themselves.

Second stage

After reaching the first checkpoint, players will fight in the streets of Junkertown. Just like it was the case with the opening strategy, use the high ground and force defenders to respawn. Heroes with high mobility, such as D.Va, Genji and Tracer, should attempt to flank the enemy team in order to counter their high ground advantage.

If defenders are on the bridge, use Pharah's Concussive Blast to knock them off it or use D.Va to push them off. Once it's done and attackers move forward, they can move to the bridge (green) to take that position for themselves. Players can also move further (blue), but it's very risky as players would be deep behind enemy lines. However, if you are an offense hero with an ultimate ability, use the blue route to get in the position and Attack the enemy team.

Less mobile heroes should push the payload just around the bend and stop. If you keep moving it, you will be exposed and defending team will be able to easily eliminate you, especially if they have the high ground. Instead, you will want to go through the door on the right side (green) and go up.

This is where you should fight off the defending team, making them retreat so you can push the payload further.

Once you force defenders to respawn, they will have a long walk back from the spawn room.

Final stage

Attackers will be put at a disadvantage if they fight head-on after entering the final stage. Instead, they should go upstairs (green) and use the open ledge to their advantage. It's important to not lose anyone from the team as this will allow the enemy team to successfully defend the point. Once attackers are directly above the enemy, they should initiate a massive attack in order to make defenders scatter and retreat. For example, you can use D.Va's ultimate ability or combine Zarya's Graviton Surge with Genji's Dragonblade.

After a successful attack, attacking team should stick to the payload and push it to the end to win the match.