Mercy is the most popular support hero in "Overwatch" and the latest change turned her into a must-have hero on the team. Blizzard changed her skills, making players be more careful and more active while using her. Players can no longer be passive with Mercy and do well, nor can they wait for their teammates to die before resurrecting them.

Considering that she's a much different hero now, many players have issues using her efficiently. For those who still have troubles with using her, here are some useful tips shared by KarQ.

What is Mercy's role?

Despite these big changes, Mercy is still a primary healer. However, she can now do a much better job when it comes to healing, and she can also dish out some damage with Valkyrie, her new ultimate ability. The support hero can now also perform a chain heal, which is incredibly useful.

Here are the optimal settings to use her more efficiently:

  • Allied health bars: On
  • Toggle beam connection: On
  • Guardian Angel prefers beam target: Off
  • Toggle Guardian Angel: Off

Who to resurrect?

Mercy can now resurrect her allies every 30 seconds, making her a must-have hero for each comp. In order to get the most out of her, it's important to know who to resurrect.

The short answer would be to resurrect a tank.

Tanks have large health pools which, while healing them, allow you to quickly gain your ultimate charge. They also provide the team with space and protection. However, you should use common sense and resurrect the hero who brings the most value to the team. For example, if Lucio is dead and he has Sound Barrier ready, Mercy should resurrect him as his presence would mean much to the team.

When to damage boost and use your ultimate?

Preferably, you would use Valkyrie during a team fight when your allies need extra healing. Chain healing helps a lot in this situation and it allows the hero to fly up high and avoid attacks by the opposing team. Before using your ultimate ability, however, make sure you resurrect a fallen teammate if there is one.

The ultimate ability will reset the cooldown on Resurrect, allowing you to use it once again.

You should use the ultimate ability in some special cases too. For example, if your team needs you and you are in a spawn room, you should use the ability to quickly fly to them and heal them. However, make sure that you use damage boost if your teammates don't need healing. Ideally, you'd use it whenever your teammate is performing a damaging ultimate ability, such as Pharah's Rocket Barrage.

Where to use her?

Mercy's skills make her viable on every single map. You simply cannot go wrong by picking her as a hero, and your teammates will surely appreciate it.

Why pick her?

Mercy is arguably the best healer in the game.

However, what makes her even more valuable is not just her healing ability, but the ability to resurrect her teammates. This is essential and can quickly turn the tide in intense team fights. While the Swiss hero excels in single-target healing, her ultimate ability allows her to heal multiple targets at the same time, as long as they are close to each other.

This hero should be used primarily for healing, but if your team needs to dish out some extra damage, Mercy's pistol will come in handy and help her build her ultimate ability charge even faster!