A major change is about to happen on Civilization Vi when its upcoming Fall 2017 Update is released. Sarah Darney of Firaxis Games teased that they intend to release the biggest update to the Religion system, something players have been looking for since the game’s release a year ago.

Religion has been a part of the “Civilization” series, though the first, fully working “religion-versus-religion” game system was first introduced in “Civilization V: Gods & Kings” expansion pack. As requested by players, the Religion system was further enhanced in “Civilization VI,” adding features which can lead to interreligious conflicts and engage in holy wars.

New religious features

According to Darney, the upcoming Fall 2017 Update on “Civilization VI” will bring new beliefs and religious units that will unlock the ability to build two new buildings and a new combat unit – the Warrior Monk. These additional units include two new Pantheons, a new Founder, Follower, Enhancer, and Worship Beliefs. It was never indicated though as to which religious Pantheons will be added to the game.

The Fall 2017 Update on “Civilization VI” will give religious units gives access to Zone of Control. Players also get access to Flank and Support bonuses during religious combat such as healing nearby religious units using a Guru religious support unit.

UI, AI, and other changes

In addition to these changes, the user interface (UI) on “Civilization VI” is improved. These changes include the religious indicators on unit flags, an update to the Diplomacy screens, Great People art, and improved navigation. Plus, Firaxis has finally listened to the players – removing the useless gossip messages.

The menu also gets enhancements to make it more extensible, easier to navigate and understand. One good example is showing the Capital icons on the city banners in the Espionage Mission selection menu.

One of the most exciting features that will be added on “Civilization VI” when the Fall 2017 Update is released is the AI’s naval boosts.

According to Darney, they have increased the AI's ability to build naval units, fleets, and armadas. And to make the battle more extreme, AI characters are now better at healing and protecting their naval units. These AI’s can also launch smarter coastal assaults. It wasn’t specified however as to which civilization will get naval enhancements.

More changes are expected to arrive on “Civilization VI” when the Fall 2017 Update is released. Game developer Firaxis, which is also the game outfit behind "XCOM 2: War of the Chosen", has yet to announce the official release date.