Fans of Blizzard Entertainment’s team-based shooter have probably noticed a notable difference with most teams. Ever since the latest tweaks brought about by their latest patch, gamers have noticed a higher pick rate for the other buffed characters like D.Va, Roadhog, Junkrat, and especially Mercy.

The winged-healer was previously rarely seen during Competitive matches, which favored support characters like Lucio and Ana. Her changes made had hardcore players rethink their options and include the Swiss hero.

However, just like other FPS titles, there are a group of gamers who felt that became too overpowered.

The developer seems to believe so since as well she has been reportedly nerfed in the latest patch for the “Overwatch” PTR.

Latest PTR patch for 'Overwatch' nerfs Mercy

According to players, the current version of Mercy available in the PTR has already been nerfed. Her Ultimate ability was previously designed to resurrect a group of fallen teammates, but her poor pick rate prompted Blizzard Entertainment to make some changes. The new one allows her to fly around and reduces the cooldown of all her other skills. One of those is Resurrect, which normally has a 30-second cooldown rate in between uses. Once Valkyrie is activated, that rate shortens to 10 seconds, which allows her to revive more people.

Players felt that she was already too powerful with her flight and unlimited ammunition during her Ultimate ability activation. Therefore, the developer reset it back to 30 seconds but kept the range buff intact. It seems that they still wanted to keep most of her buffs that made her a potent support hero.

PTR changes are not always final, but this seems to be the direction they are going with Mercy.

New hero announcement speculated during Blizzcon 2017

Meanwhile, rumors regarding the next “Overwatch” hero have started to gain steam as Blizzcon 2017 finally confirms its schedule. Tickets to the event are reportedly already sold out just like it always does annually. Although the event is not entirely focused on a single title, most fans believe it would be the best avenue to make a major announcement.

Last year, the developer also revealed Sombra during the event, so there is a possibility that they will do the same this time.

Jeff Kaplan has already confirmed that the next “Overwatch” hero was already in a playable state. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but fans apparently want the next character to be Junkertown’s Queen.

Blizzcon 2017 will officially launch on November 3, 2017. Other games like “Diablo 3,” “World of Warcraft,” and “Hearthstone” are most likely going to have their own surprises in store for fans.