The popular first-person shooter video-game “Overwatch” has been getting utmost care from its developer Blizzard Entertainment. It is quite obvious that the developer is focused on improving “Overwatch” because it releases new updates, maps, heroes, and in-game balances from time to time. But it seems like some players do not really appreciate Blizzard’s efforts for the game.

Players disappointed with 'Overwatch' development team

A few days ago, the game director Jeff Kaplan posted on the “Overwatch” official forum about how difficult it is to face and communicate with other players.

According to a report from SegmentNext, some dissatisfied and frustrated players are even sending threatening messages to Jeff Kaplan’s team. The director explained that the “Overwatch” development team only has over 100 developers. The team is not small, but it is not large enough to develop several players’ request on time.

Creating new features requires ample time

Jeff Kaplan also stated that the size of the “Overwatch” development team is just enough, but creating new updates and features requires ample time, especially when testing it. Jeff Kaplan shared that the “Overwatch” development team does not stop on creating new features for the game and fixing existing in-game bugs and glitches.

Every staff member loves the game and is always willing to sacrifice their time if it means quicker results.

Developers bashed

Jeff Kaplan claims that interacting with players is not part of developer's job. But the developers interact and communicate with players to show their love and support for the game. It is also their way to show that they are listening to player’s requests, complaints, and suggestions.

However, interacting with anonymous players using their real names is quite scary and intimidating. Kaplan admitted that some players are even threatening or bashing developers on their personal or private social media accounts.

Bug that ban accounts for no reason

In other “Overwatch” news, Blizzard Entertainment recently launched the permanent ban feature, which permanently bans players with poor and inappropriate in-game behavior.

But according to a report from Engadget, there is an in-game bug that bans innocent players. The bug has already affected 200 accounts, which consumes skill ratings and banning them from Competitive Play for the entire game season, even if the player does not have any history of leaving any matches early or being kicked out of the game due to inactivity.

To fix the bug, Blizzard Entertainment will remove the seasonal ban for all affected players and their skill rating will be restored. The developer does not know the exact date and time for when the fix will go live, but players can expect that it will take less than one week.