"Overwatch" players will get a new event next week and there are a lot of things to look forward to. The event is Halloween Terror and it's definitely one of the favorite events for the players. Last year, the event brought fresh new content, including some amazing skins and even a new game mode!

This year, there is no doubt that Blizzard will once again keep their playerbase satisfied with the seasonal event. Here are five things to look forward to in Halloween Terror 2017!

New legendary skins

Last year's Halloween event brought some of the most amazing skins in the game.

Junkrat received his Dr. Junkenstein skin while his partner in crime Roadhog got a Junkenstein's Monser skin. Mercy was turned into a witch with her new skin while Reaper's head was replaced by a pumpkin. While there were only four legendary skins added in the event, the truth is that even epic skins looked simply incredible. There were eight epic skins, including Demon Hanzo, Immortal Soldier: 76 and Vampire Symmetra.

Blizzard raised the bar with the Halloween event last year, and there is no doubt they will once again add Halloween-themed skins to "Overwatch." Legendary skins will cost 3,000 credits, but there is no doubt they are worth it.

New Junkenstein's Revenge map

Halloween Terror introduced us to Junkenstein's Revenge last year, which is a special game mode exclusive to the event.

It was a brawl mode and it brought a new co-op PvE map as players took different roles to stop Junkenstein and his horde of zombies.

Considering that the brawl mode was exclusive to the Halloween event, we can expect it to return this year. The game mode took place in Adlersbrunn, Germany last year, but Blizzard will most likely surprise "Overwatch" players with a new map for the mode.

Discounted skins

Legendary skins added in events cost 3,000 credits and most players cannot afford them. However, the game developer will probably give us last year's legendary event-exclusive skins for only 1,000 credits each.

While Blizzard hasn't confirmed any discount for skins, this is what happened during this year's Summer Games event.

New legendary skins cost 3,000 credits, but the ones from last year's event were much cheaper and affordable. Considering that Blizzard did this for the previous event, we have no reason to believe they won't do it again.

Giftable balance cards

"Overwatch" players will be able to buy balance cards and gift them to someone else. Right now, they can only buy loot boxes through the in-game store, but this will soon be changed.

Blizzard already had balance cards for their other games, such as "World of Warcraft" and "Heroes of the Storm." However, "Overwatch" players will now be able to use the cards as well and buy loot boxes with them. As Blizzard's website says, "With four items in each Loot Box, you're sure to be pleased with your assortment of Overwatch goodies!"

New hero

A few weeks ago, "Overwatch" game director Jeff Kaplan teased the community with a new hero.

Kaplan said the next hero was playable, but it seems that the game developer has no intention of releasing the hero soon. The director referred to the new hero as "Hero 26," saying that it's already amazing.

Now, the new hero will certainly not be released with the Halloween event, but we are definitely much closer to it than we were before. Who knows, maybe Blizzard will give us a Halloween surprise and release the hero to the PTR soon?