Final Fantasy XV seems to be expanding its presence even almost a year after its release. The popular Square Enix game received a sizeable update a couple of days ago, which brings some much needed bug fixes for certain sections of the game. However, more importantly, the update adds an entirely new section to Chapter 12 in the main single-player campaign.

What does the latest update add?

Veterans of the game will know about the Astral War, which is an important reference point in the game’s story. However, aside from some reference and a side mission, players are never offered any additional information regarding the Astral War that was waged a long time before the events of ‘Final Fantasy XV’.

Players know that the war did happen and the lands in Lucis bear some direct signs of the war, but it largely remains a mysterious occurrence.

However, with the latest update, ‘Final Fantasy XV’ will finally get some idea of what the war was like and more information on the background of the same. Previously, only a side-quest named ‘Aftermath of the Astral War’ provided any real information about the war. The new addition will reveal what led to the Astral War and players who have completed the game, or reached Chapter 12 of the main campaign can engage in this mission.

However, players who have yet to beat the game will likely have to reach Chapter 12 first before being able to take part in the new content.

The update also adds some important fix for the game and its many aspects. For instance, the Moogle Chocobo Carnival has come to an end and there is no news as to when Square Enix will launch the event once again in Altissia. Some bugs in the Assassin’s Festival, which is an in-game event celebrating Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise, have been fixed.

This event will come to an end on January 31, 2018.

What else is coming to ‘Final Fantasy XV’?

On October 31, Square Enix will roll out another update for the game, dubbed ‘Comrades’. It will bring the multiplayer game mode into the title, with newer stories and content. ‘Comrades’ will allow players to customize their character and set out on a journey that takes place after the single-player story of the game.

So, players would need to finish the campaign before venturing onto the Comrades mode. ‘Final Fantasy XV’ is set to come to the PC next year with enhanced graphical capabilities and features. A first-person mode is also expected to arrive on the PC version of this game.