Overwatch” hero Mercy is one of the most popular characters in the game. Many people love her angelic design and kind personality, making her one of the most recognizable heroes. That said, Mercy didn’t always look like a Swiss doctor. Blizzard has released the game’s Concept Art which gives us a surprising look into Mercy’s original design.

A different look

According to Twinfinite, scans of “The Art of Overwatch” have been surfacing online recently. Not only does the art book show off some of the amazing designs of the game, but it also has some of the original concept art for heroes.

Mercy was once a tall man with dark skin and white hair. This is a unique take on how a traditional healer looks as they usually look very fragile and delicate. Seeing Mercy as a buff man was a surprise for the fans, to say the least. Nonetheless, netizens are smitten with her concept and have been making their own fan art for the character.

Blizzard didn’t share any other details on Mercy’s original design, but there’s a chance that he might not have been from Switzerland. They still chose to keep the hairstyle, albeit change the color from white to blonde. Moreover, the Valkyrie suit was still an integral part of Mercy’s original design. While Blizzard ultimately picked the design we have today, it’s great that they’re sharing each hero’s original look.

Patch notes

In other news, Blizzard has just released the patch notes for the latest “Overwatch” update. These new changes revolve around Mercy and Lucio, including Mercy’s recent nerf.

Her Resurrect no longer resets when activating her new ultimate ability. Furthermore, the skill’s cooldown is no longer reduced, staying locked at 30 seconds.

However, using Valkyrie gives Resurrect another charge, allowing her to stack the skill if she hasn’t used it yet. This makes reviving two allies much more seamless instead of having to resurrect, using Valkyrie, then resurrect again.

She can now also glide past an ally by using the jump key after activating Guardian Angel. Overall, these changes will reduce the number of Resurrects Mercy can do in one game, but allows her to be flexible when using it.

Lucio, on the other hand, has also gotten a slight change. He gains a 65 percent speed boost after successfully completing a wall ride. This is just a bug fix for the hero as this speed boost is compensation for his reduced speed in the game. Those who want to play “Overwatch” can get a copy for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.