Fans of “Overwatch” recognize Jeff Kaplan as the face of the game. He is regularly featured in official developer videos that discuss updates and more about the title. Furthermore, Kaplan is a familiar face during Blizzard Entertainment’s panels at Blizzcon.

Most gamers feel that Jeff comes off as friendly and patient based on how he interacts with people. However, it seems that the company vice president is dead serious when it comes to proper behavior on the official forums for the team-based shooter. Community members should take the time and observe the rules or face the consequences.

Jeff Kaplan suspends ‘Overwatch’ forum member

While complaints are quite common in video game forums, some members demand something which may be considered out of line. The “Overwatch” team is apparently taking the time to scroll through the user’s posts for feedback that might be constructive for the title. Meanwhile, a forum member named Deventh took it too far when he made some comments about the staff.

Game Rant reported that the user posted his complaint under a General Discussion thread with a heading that reads “anyone else getting fed up with the balancing going on?” Jeff Kaplan must’ve felt that his comments were no longer appropriate when he suggested that the development team be replaced.

The thread reportedly drew more users who felt the same way, but the one who started everything got a stern warning and penalty from Jeff.

It seems that the company vice president prefers that members “make a productive post,” which is “clearly stating an issue that you are having or make a productive suggestion.” He added that requests that skirt along the lines asking for “people being replaced” will not be tolerated by Blizzard Entertainment.

Furthermore, after his stern reply, Kaplan appears to have temporarily banned the user with a note that says “see you in 30 days.”

Challenges with trolls

Fans of the game understand that the development team does their best to accommodate reasonable requests. While it might look like an immature move on the game director’s part, sometimes actions like these are appropriate to help curb trolling.

The punishment issued was presumably limited to his access to the official forums only. The player will most likely still be able to play the game without any limitations.

Halloween content coming soon

While most of us got a small glimpse of how scary Jeff Kaplan can be in the right circumstances, “Overwatch” will attempt to frighten users with their Halloween Terror update next week. Blizzard Entertainment officially confirmed that the special event would begin on October 10, 2017. Furthermore, the company also announced the official start date for Blizzcon 2017, which is set to launch on November 4, 2017, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.