After nearly 18 months, Capcom is finally set to release an Arcade Mode for "Street Fighter V," as a new edition of the fighting game will be available to purchase in 2018. For those who already own a copy of the game, the new modes included in the "Arcade Edition" will be available to download.

A celebration

Capcom described the upcoming Arcade Mode as a celebration for the last 30 years of the "Street Fighter" franchise. Players can choose from six unique paths to compete in fights against CPU opponents. The description mentions that the performance of the player determines the ending.

Therefore, this mode will warrant multiple playthroughs just to try and see all the unique final scenes. Extra Battle Mode is another addition to "Street Fighter V," one which is set to offer a series of timed exclusive challenges. Players can access this content by using their in-game cash. If they manage to beat four challenges in a month, an exclusive premium outfit will be rewarded.

As one of the more exciting announcements, bonus stages from the previous games in the franchise will feature in "Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition." As it has been three decades since the launch of the franchise, this new version of the fifth entry seems to have been made with the fans in mind.

A retrospective

While this announcement is welcome, we cannot help but wonder why it took Capcom so long to add an Arcade Mode.

This feature should be included in the launch version of any fighting game, not added two years after the fact. As "Street Fighter V" is really cheap to buy nowadays, the best option is to pick up a copy now and then receive the update for free in 2018.

"Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition" will cost $39.99 and features a handful of DLC characters not found in the base game.

These fighters can be purchased on their own, so it is not really worth buying this version just for them.

Capcom's game probably has the best fighting mechanics in the series, but the lack of content at launch quickly killed its momentum. It currently sits at a 77 on Metacritic, with most critics lambasting it for the lack of any real single-player content and a small roster.

While better late than never, Capcom should not be rewarded for releasing the full version of "Street Fighter V" after two whole years.

After all this time, the latest entry in the historic franchise is finally worth playing for casual gamers. The $39.99 price tag is reasonable, but there are so many great fighting games currently available that Capcom's title is barely worth revisiting.