Dead by Daylight has proved to be a tremendous success with over two million copies sold since its initial release on PC in June 2016. This number saw an increase when the asymmetrical horror video game also launched on current-gen consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 exactly a year after, on June 14.

It appears that gamers do enjoy the spine-chilling and thrilling experience of playing the multiplayer 4v1 horror game. As players, they take on the role of the savage fictional killer with other four players act as survivors who try not being caught, tortured, and eventually brutally killed.

Additional support and DLC packs

Apparently, there is a large niche of players who love the gore and blood in horror Video Games like “Dead by Daylight.” However, what makes the players even more engaged in playing the game is the new level of excitement that comes with a new chapter that expands the base game.

After the game’s launch, developer Behavior Interactive has been active in releasing new chapters that introduce a new killer and survivors from famous horror film franchises. The most recent one is the addition of Leatherface from “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” as the Chapter 6 killer. The past DLC packs also featured Michael Meyers from “Halloween” slasher film series as killer and Laurie Strode as the survivor.

Potential release on other platforms

The kind of support that the studio provides to the popular horror video game now seemed to have attracted players in the gaming community more than ever. But will it be plausible that players outside its current platforms can also experience the horror game at some point?

Talking to Dual Shockers at New York Comic Con 2017, lead designer Mathieu Cote discussed the newest updates and content for the players, especially the newest addition to the roster of the playable killer, Leatherface.

Cote also addressed the possibility of the game being ported to Nintendo’s latest console, which also gained millions of current users and the possible Xbox One X support.

Nintendo Switch version is bleak

Cote revealed that the company does not have current plans to port the game to the hybrid console. Cote further explained the reason behind it and according to the lead designer, is that porting the game to Switch is much more challenging as opposed to PS4, Xbox One, and PC ports.

It appears that the version demands “specific controls and technical requirements” as one of the limiting factors.

Xbox One X support

On the other hand, Cote brought some good news for Xbox fans who plan to own Microsoft’s most powerful console ever. He said that the horror video game will launch support for Xbox One X. He did not go into specific features but generally, the enhancement will involve frame rate and resolution similar to the PS4 Pro.

Published by Starbreeze Studios, “Dead by Daylight” was developed by Behaviour Interactive as a multiplayer 4v1 horror video game using Unreal Engine.