Bandai America is walking down memory lane as it announces the limited edition of "Tamagotchi." According to the Polygon, the 20-year-old game is making a comeback with a smaller version to say. Interestingly, The game will still have its pre-loved features such as the three control buttons at the bottom part of the body but with 40 percent less screen and 60 percent less in the body structure. It sounds totally miniature but Bandai has a good reason to relive it.

New feature of the 'modern Tamagotchi'

The "Tamagotchi" will have its full game feature as the original.

Unfortunately, Bandai will still go with the item with no backlight, a decision that most fans still question. Apparently, there's enough technology to solve the backlight issue, but the developer is not capitalizing on it. Tara Badie, Bandai's director of brand management, said: "This is their opportunity to relive their childhood love. We wanted them to be able to have the play; you still feed it, you still take care of, it still poops and you still need to clean up after it."

Bandai said that they are confident the "Tamagotchi" will still sell because of the nostalgia it brings to people. "Even your generation, why would they take this when they have all the apps on their cellphone. That’s where our competition really is.

We’re going after that nostalgia," Badie adds.

Tamagotchi in the 90's

The "Tamagotchi" is a handheld digital pet that is activated in order for the egg to appear on the screen. The player will have to take care of the pet by feeding it, doing some exercises and other activities. The pocket-size toy is a trend during the 90s and now, they are trying to rekindle the toy despite the more practical way of creating an app for the game.

The Polygon reports that while it's interesting to know that soon, we get to have a taste of history, it's rather impractical to add one more gadget to the already cluttered presence of smartphones, tablets, and other tech accessories. The new "Tamagotchi" items will be limited edition meaning not as many units will be manufactured and will only last for a period of time in the market.

According to the AotF, Bandai America will release the said retro toy on November 5, 2017, for the price of $14.88 per piece. For those who plan on buying one, make sure you're ready for the "great" responsibility of keeping your pet alive while juggling other modern responsibilities that involved modern apps.