Mobius Final FantasyExecutive Producer Yoshinori Kitase revealed the reason for not porting the popular mobile game on consoles. He also explained the reason why it was easier for a PC version.

Kitase also discussed different kinds of interesting facts about their mobile game. There was also a new announcement about a new character that can now be played in the video game. There is also a new job available for players to try out with some gifts and events for this month.

Zero possibility of console version of video game

Kitase was recently interviewed by DualShockers during PAX West 2017 and he revealed some interesting information about their video game.

The first thing that he clarified was the possibility of having it on the console platforms, something he promptly denied. He explained that it was due to the reason of overcoming the purchase currency for in-game items.

In the interview, Kitase said it was easy to transition the game from mobile to PC because they could link the save data easily. The players would only need one account for both platforms and they could play on either form at any time they want. The problem with the consoles is its own policy when it comes to in-game currency and purchases, which was a hard hurdle to overcome.

Global release was a triumph and concerns of translation

Kitase stated their biggest triumph for this mobile game was its direct global release.

It was first released in Japan, but it was then launched on North America, Europe, and Asia. They were proud to release a title that they created with their own in-house development team.

The development team was also concerned of the mobile game’s release to the rest of the world with its first version. The Japanese version had the “gacha system,” while the global version had another type of card-obtaining system.

This was changed after several fans expressed their experience with the “gacha system” and their fondness of it.

The players also wanted equal chances of gaining cards like the Japanese version. The game developers slowly transitioned from the Western version to the Japanese version. Kitase was surprised that the Western gamers wanted that kind of system.

New female playable character available

In other “Mobius Final Fantasy” related news, the powerful sorceress Meia was added by the game developers just recently as a playable character. This will be its first female playable character. It was released together with the latest story “Chapter VI, Part 1: Bewitching Memories.”

The game developers also revealed that there will be new mage-type job cards for the sorceress. Players can now summon the job called Fauviste, which is exclusive to her. It has great stats and has specific resistances to fire and water.

The new update also gifts players with new Halloween celebration gifts, which are all free. These are a pumpkin accessory and an elixir that can be received daily by logging in. The elixirs can also recover double the stamina from Oct. 16 to Nov. 2.

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