As fans hope to hear some good news regarding the release date of Final Fantasy 7” Remake at Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2017, an Unseen Footage was shown recently at the Distant Worlds 30th-anniversary concert in Chicago.

Square Enix did not include “Final Fantasy 7” Remake in its official list of video games for TGS 2017. However, fans are still holding out hope that they might get a surprise reveal for the hotly anticipated remake before the expo ends.

Asia’s biggest gaming convention is on its third day and it is about to close on Sunday, September 24.

So far, the studio announced the big news of its new project titled “Left Alive” and the official release date of “Final Fantasy 15” Comrades Multiplayer expansion.

Unseen footage revealed

Amid the fans’ anticipation for a TGS 2017 surprise, Distant Worlds 30th-anniversary concert was held in Chicago, Illinois recently. For the uninitiated, Distant Worlds is the recognized Final Fantasy orchestra that is currently on a global concert tour in celebration of 30-year milestone of the hugely popular JRPG franchise.

Interestingly, an unseen footage of the PS4 exclusive title was shown during the show. The video appears to be an extended version of the debut trailer for the title from the PlayStation Experience (PSX) 2015.

Watch the YouTube video captured during the performance below.

Extended scenes detailed

While the orchestra played the soundtrack from the original game, the alternate trailer was presented on a big project screen. An eagle-eyed fan, however, spotted an unseen footage that was not shown in the PSX 2015 teaser and immediately posted it on Reddit.

The extended cutscenes showed the Shinra soldiers and Cloud Strike. According to the Reddit user, the new footage seen at the concert contains some more scenes that were not revealed in the original video. The details of the unseen clip are summed up below via Daily Express:

  • The soldier pointing his gun upwards above the train.
  • Camera pulling back to show a lot of soldiers watching Cloud get away.
  • Biggs talking to Jessie. He looked at her and said, “Look with heavy security like this, you want a professional one.” Then, she looked back at him.

The extended trailer may not be enough, though, to please the fans who have longed for a new gameplay footage and an update on the remake’s release date.

Square Enix is currently holding Day Three Livestream and fans can cross their fingers for a big surprise reveal.

But if it doesn’t happen, there is a good chance that the next reveal for “Final Fantasy 7” Remake will take place at PSX 2017. Sony’s boss Shuhei Yoshida stated after E3 in June that the company is saving the big news for some of its AAA games at the Sony-centric show on December 9-10.